GX0OOO/p LD-009 and LD-015

I have just has a call from John G4YSS/ GX0OOO/p who is now in mobile phone coverage. He has abandoned his intentions to activate LD-035 or LD-037 in view of the severe weather conditions.

He is walking off Grisedale Pike and has just descended below the snow line. He is about 30 minutes from the car and is now relatively safe.

He reports that conditions on Grasmoor were not too difficult, but that Grisedale was a different matter, with heavy snow and 60 mph gusts. The ground was frozen so hard that it was impossible to erect the antenna or supports and he had to manage with the apex about 6 foot off the ground and ends trailing in the snow. In spite of this he managed many contacts with chasers and even a couple of 229 reports on top band.

He had great trouble dismantling the station in drifting snow, was blown off his feet twice and lost his map, cases and info sheets, all blown over the summit.

It is reports such as this that make chasers very appreciative of the activators who really earn their extra winter bonus points.

It is to be hoped that he manages to return home over the Pennines without too much difficulty. At the moment it is snowing hard here at his destination, in Scarborough, on the East coast.


In reply to G4SSH:

Many thanks for putting our minds at ease Roy and yes the chasers ought to thank their lucky stars that we have such dedicated activators as John.


In reply to all:

Just been informed by text message that he is now back home.

73, Phil (son of YSS in case anyone was wondering)

In reply to G4SSH:
Wot, no Mell Fells?

Report tomorrow. Sorry about brisk QSO’s but moreover, thanks to all chasers for being ready!

73, John.

In reply to G4YSS:
Thanks for all the QSO’s today John and glad you made it home safely.

Well done with the activations considering how the wx developed - it’s still snowing here !

Graham G3OHC / GX4GRG

Glad you got back OK. BBC Look North said the A170 Kirkbymoorside to Pickering road was blocked and impassable at 1830 tonight. So if they were right you must have got through just in time.Thanks to Roy and Phil for keeping us informed.

Look forwards to your report later.


In reply to G4YSS:
Glad to here you made it back home safely. I suspect your valiant attempt to satisfy your top Band groupie’s (including me) was a bit too much, given the conditions and the small and exposed summit on Grisdale. I wonder, did you manage the descent (steep and rocky) to he north east via Sleet How, or did you have to retrace your steps to the SW? Must have been horrendous in those conditions.
Thank you for the activations and hope you are fully recovered from you recent bout of illness. Great to see you back on the hills again.


In reply to G4SSH:

I was going for a Tex-Mex last night, but here in Buxton at 1000+ ft asl in the Pennines - it was raining!