GX0OOO/p delay. Injury

Team leader fallen,fractured ankle, taken to hospital.

John will attempt G/LD-008 later today if situation/storms permit

I will update here


Update 0935z
John now back climbing LD-008. ETA 1130 UTC
3557-cw, 3724-ssb then review weather situation

  • G4SSH

I wish a speedy recovery!
I broke my ankle in October halve year with not activations…
I nothing heard on all bands maybe 20m?
vy 73 de Mariusz

I wish the Team Leader all the best and a quick en good recovery.
73 de geert pa7zee

Request text sent Mariutz but John is out of mobile coverage at the minute

Now calling you 14052 at 1255z

Thanks for info’ - bad news about the injury and ankles tend to take awhile to mend 8-(
Nothing heard of John today.

Missed John on 80m SSB as he came up early and I scheduled a trip out to be back in time. Hopefully he’ll have another pop!

Update 1230z / 9/6/16

John now on 10.118-CW
He has agreed to return to 3.724-ssb when chasers exhausted here

  • G4SSH

Thanks Roy, I’m monitoring!

Thanks Roy and John. Safely in the bag on 80m & 60m.