GW7AAV Super Sloth

Congratulations Steve.

I wondered if you would do it today. Well done!

73 Marc G0AZS

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Cheers Marc.

The elite club of Super Sloth’s has welcomed a new member

Well done Steve !!


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And congrats from me too Steve.
73 Cris

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Congratulations Steve.

Sorry you missed Klaus on 7.150 yesterday. I was int the process of spotting the frequency and he said he was QSYing to 10Mhz cw.

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Congratulations Steve. Thank you for all your support when I was messing about on hill tops with a wireless thingi.


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Magnificent! Congratulations Steve

73 Roy G4SSH

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Congrats on super sloth Steve

73 Barry 2E0PXW

Excellent achievement Steve. Always a pleasure to work you when out on the hills.

73, Gerald

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Congrats on SS Steve,well done .

73 de Geoff G4CPA

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Big congrats Steve!
Hope to cuagn soon on SSB.

Vy73 take care de Fritz

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Well done Steve!

Don’t stop now - I need the contacts! Always a pleasure to work you.

73 de Paul G4MD

Nice one Steve well done the glub gets bigger all the time :slight_smile:
Regards Nigel

Congrats Steve,

hope to work you from many summits more !

vy 73 es cu


Many thanks to everyone for the kind words.

Many thanks to all the SOTA activators who have helped renew my interest in amateur radio.

Many thanks to all the SOTA chasers who have supported my activations.

There are so many milestones to aim for in the program and hopefully it will not be long before the last few English summits are in the log and I can reach 1,000 uniques and it does not stop there. When I first started I never thought I would get past 100 activator points, now it seems to me that maybe I should redress the imbalance between my chasing and activating so maybe I should get out on the hills to celebrate. Watch the alerts.

73 Steve GW7AAV

Well done Steve, now for the next 10k HI.
Regards, Mike G4BLH

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Well done Steve hope to work you nxt sota.
73 from a saddened Om (x)

(x)never get 1,000 uniques … because there are a few (8)summits in Belgium … so we dangle below the list … and I activated them all … we leave it)

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Thanks Luc, I hope to work you too, to/from a summit, soon. I need 004 and 006 to complete ON.

Things are not that bad for you, you have DL and F summits just over the border from ON. Think of those poor guys on the Isle of Man. Only 5 summits and an expensive boat ride from the mainland. We do what we can and there will always be some that are better off and some worse off than others in all things. SOTA is not meant to be competitive because it can never be fair to all. We must set our own goals and rejoice when we achieve them. I like to support those doing what I can only aspire to and I hope that if I aspire to ascend these higher grounds that others will support me in the same way.

Thanks for the good wishes and thanks for the 6 ON summits I have worked you on and the others were I missed you.

Regards Steve GW7AAV 73

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Big colngrats from Germany Steve, I thought you would make it while we were over here, welcome to the club.


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Cheers Mike, lots of points from Inky this weekend please thank him for me. Amazing how signals can be 5/9 plus sixty over one minute and then nothing the next. Which is how it has been with Steve on this trip, getting in on the peaks seems down to luck sometimes. Nothing today from Steve on DM/BW-156 Lindenberg on any band yet Lutz was rock crushing on 40m earlier from DM/RP-064 Gänsehals. Listening 40, 20 and 10m for Steve.
Please pass on my regards to the DL activators.

73 Steve GW7AAV