GW7AAV, Star Trek, La France and routers!

Hi Steve
My friends call me Q and yes I do have a penchant for Star Trek. My initals are QC so there is also scope for sherry and lawyer jokes if you wish.
Good to have you on board along with the rest of the phase 2 testers. Jon has worked really hard and some seemingly impossible requests have become reality. I think the summit information, such as when last chased, what frequency etc. is excellent.
Thanks for the comments on the router. I am experimenting to make sure I am happy that it is the psu. I move rather slowly but I’ll keep you updated.
Really exciting news of France joining the SOTA fold. I can even speak a bit of “la francais”. I had my first “international” CW SOTA qso on Saturday so hopefully a few SOTA “F” callsigns will find their way into my log before long as well. I am still hoping to reach Shacksloth before the end of the bonus period. 137 points to go and a month to do it in. There is a chance.

Cheers all