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GW4OOE Gt. Orme Activation 13 Oct 15

Thanks to all the chasers for trying today but my receiver on both handhelds was being wiped out by the microwave signals from the nearby communications tower. I tried two different handhelds and two different antennas but only managed one contact with Ross MW0BYT who was using 45 watts from Bangor! I am reasonably confident that my transceiver and antenna are functioning correctly as I had 3 successful activations yesterday and Snowdon earlier today.


hi Nick i had the same trouble up there on 2M just about managed to qualify but i found operating
horizontaly helped not a lot but a little only five contacts and thanks for NW-001. best 73s

Yeah, Sean is right. Horizontal FM is one way of beating the mush on Great Orme. The SOTAbeams MFD antenna you use facilitates that option really conveniently as well.

Another option is to have a detailed map to hand and make full use of the 25m AZ. Beyond the other side of the car park from the Summit Complex buildings is OK, as, I think, is the mound with the stone messages on the opposite side of the road from the tram station. You can also drop steeply down from the trig below the cable car station and get a little respite from the QRM there.

It is definitely doable on 2m FM, but stood right by the trig point with a wideband HT like the VX7 is certainly making life difficult for yourself! The best option, really, is HF of course.

Brilliant to see you the other day. I hadn’t studied the alerts so was not expecting to meet another activator on Shining Tor, so it was a welcome surprise to notice the instantly recognisable MFD as I climbed the final uphill bit to the summit!

I have resurrected an old thread concerning filters for 2m operation. This may be helpful if intending using 2m HH radios on summits with masts.

I had no trouble whatsoever on the Orme but I was using an FT817 to a dipole and sitting at the trig point. Sometimes the weight penalty is well worth paying!


Exactly so :smile:
When we did Wentwood we found that the 817 was fine when the VX-7 was almost useless.

Thanks everyone for your tips. I have successfully done the Great Orme a few times in the past although one time I did have to use HF thinking that my BNC/SMA connector to the VX7R was faulty. I did have an FT-817 in the car so could have gone back for it to try on 2 metres or even set up HF. However, after Snowdon I was getting very hungry so needed to get into Llandudno for some sustenance! Hopefully, I will be back again soon to try again.

Yes it was great to meet you Tom on Shining Tor and good to have your company sat on the seat for a short while with the pleasant aroma of your soup!

Thanks again everyone and hope to work you all soon from LD next week if this high pressure continues.