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Hi all

I have been asked to report on progress with my injury. Well the news is good and the calf muscle is healing well. The walk up Allt y Main on Friday had no ill effects, probably because my brother in law acted as a sherpa. The GP said 2 weeks rest then take it carefully and stretch the muscle before, during and after the activations. His timescales seem to be right, so the plan is to do a another small local hill this coming week and back doing the big ones the following week.

Thanks for your concern.

How is your foot Clive? Will you be out next Saturday?

73 John GW4BVE

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Hi All
The ankle is coming on fine, the bruising and swelling have now gone, doc’s instructions very similar to John’s, so all being well should be out next weekend.
Thanks for all the comments on Flickr, pity the photo wasn’t of a great view or a Sota milestone.


Clive M1YAM

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hi john and clive

glad you are both on the mend i was aware of your improvement john via hf qso’s
but not clive’s . not too much too soon if you walk in a mile and have probs its a mile back out innit. (not telling granny how to suck eggs hi)


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Same here John and Clive, glad to hear you are both on the mend.

73 Mike

Sorry to hear that you have been injured as well Clive,
Glad to hear that you and John are both on the mend.

73 Graham