GW0VMZ Super Sloth

Many congratulations to Alistair GW0VMZ on reaching 10,000 chaser points, well done.

Thanks for your superb support on many of my activations, you are a true gentleman and always a pleasure to get in the log.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Many congratulations to Alistair on reaching 10,000 chaser
points, well done.

Thanks for the support on many of my activations, and like Mike say’s you are a
true gentleman and always a pleasure to get in the log.

73 Terry G0VWP

Congratulations Alistair on a fine achievement.

You are always one of the first chasers to work me and your signal is a benchmark I use to check on propagation. On top of that, your audio has a fantastic punchy yet relaxed quality to it. Many thanks for always being there when I’m out activating.


Well done Alistair, welcome to the exalted ranks of superslothdom.
Mike G4BLH

Congratulations Alistair! Many thanks for your support during my activations.

73, Gerald

If I can’t hear Alistair on 5mHz then either the band is in really bad shape or he’s out for the day. In order of reliable signals on 5mHz he is up there with RAF Volmet and Paul G0HNW so it comes as no surprise to see that super chaser score.

Well done Alistair and thank you for your support both on my activations and when I have needed to check out new antennas or modifications on 5mHz.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

Well done Allister.

Member of the exclusive club of super sloths !!!


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hi all

was hoping to get by this one unoticed but no chance. strange but not overexited by this one, earlier benchmarks seemed to give more pleasure.

i have some way to go before i get 10,000 with asterics * though…

dont give it a thought usually but yes proud of the station reliability more than anything just a normal day at the office hi. but not on my own so are many of the activators operating under more difficult conditions.

73s enough bull from merthyr tydfil hi

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Exciting or not, it’s a grand achievement - well done Alistair and thanks for being there with a cracking signal on many of my activations.

Looking forward to many more QSOs

73 de Paul G4MD

Well done Alistair.

Thanks for replying to my calls on so many tops.

73s Robin, GM7PKT.

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Hi Alistair,
thanks also for so many replies to my cq´s …
and the ufb spotting support…

hope work you many times more ,
vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Well done Alistair & congratulations

73 Graham G4JZF

Thanks Alistair for all your support and spots!
There aren’t many SOTA participants in S. Wales,
so your replies are always welcome.

73s de Peter G(W)3TJE +

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Well done Alistair - always a pleasure to work you :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG

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Yes, congrats from me too Alistair - without exception you are always a very good solid signal up here just south of the Arctic Circle (!) - in fact I don’t ever recall not being able to hear you when working an activator on 5MHz.
73 de Cris

Congratulations Alistair, all I can do is endorse all the fine comments made. You are there, you make the contact, and, like a true gentleman, you know when to talk and you know when just to give the bare bones of a confirmation.

Thank you, and here is hoping to work you on most of the next 10K (actually should the next target be 100K? - hi)


Barry GM4TOE

Many congratulations Alistair GW0VMZ

Gordon MM3XGP

Also my congratulations Alistair.
Very well done.

73, Steffen

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Congratulations Alistair

I can only echo all the other comments from activators and chasers alike. I feel safe when I am on a hill and I know you are around.

73 Glyn


Hi Alistair

Well done, here is to the next 10,000!

Don [G0NES]