GW0DSP Shacksloth!

Well done on Shacksloth Mike!
That was very fast work indeed. 49 days from start to 1000 points. Should be SUper Sloth by ooh say May…
Does anyone know what the record is from 1st SOTA contact to Shacksloth?

Indeed! Well done Mike, that was pretty quick going. Thanks for keeping me company on air through my time in plaster, it has been great fun hunting SOTA together. Now you can concentrate on teaching me CW ;o)

Regards Steve GW7AAV

In reply to GW7AAV:

How do you cope with the competition Steve?

Seriously, congrats Mike! So it’s a little over a year and a half to Super Sloth 10,000, eh? At least with SOTA you’re guaranteed some sleep as the summits are generally inactive at night.

73 es bcnu soon, Gerald G4OIG

At least with SOTA you’re guaranteed some
sleep as the summits are generally inactive at night.

Just as well based on this definition of a sloth from Wikipedia:

“In terms of their sleep, sloths are one of the most somnolent animals ever known, sleeping from 15 to 18 hours each day. They come to the ground, to urinate and defecate, only about once a week.”

Well done Mike… I cant wait to be a sloth too… but I’m working on it! :slight_smile:

73 Marc G0AZS

Well done Mike, thanks for the contacts you’ve given me over the last few weeks. Looking forward to many more!

73 de Paul G4MD

Well done Mike, thanks for the qso´s last time mostly on 30m-cw.hope see you many more times in my log.allways a good and solid copy from you in DM-BW…

73 Klaus

Thanks to everyone for the congrats. Phew!! it was done very quickly, just 1 day under 7 weeks, not sure what the record is, maybe someone can let us know.
I hope the next 1000 points will be as much fun.

Thanks a million to all of the activators I have had the pleasure of chasing, especially the regulars, to many to mention, but without your dedication to sota come rain, hail, snow or shine it wouldn’t have been possible.
Also thanks to Steve GW7AAV for your help and advice when I started chasing sota.
Not forgetting the sterling work of Jon GM4ZFZ

vy 73 de Mike GW0DSP

Well done Mike.

I can’t think of a quicker Sloth but you surely can’t be one. You have earned the title ‘Mountain Fasth.’

Well done, it’s been fun working you during the brief period you’ve been doing SOTA! Here’s to many more CW QSO’s. For compensation payments for turning you into one of these, please contact Steve, GW7AAV!

73, John G4YSS.

In reply to G4YSS:

Hi, Thanks John. will contact Steve. I’m busy teaching him CW at the moment and he is doing very well too. I have a bet on that he will make his first sota cw qso by the end of April so if you are on a summit pse qrs and give him a blast, hi.
I seem to make most sota contacts on cw these days, great fun John.
Thanks for the 5 cw QSOs in a day, you must have had wings that day.

73 and here’s to many more cw contacts with you.

de Mike GW0DSP