GW0DSP Joins SS Club

Many congratulations to Mike GW0DSP on passing through the 10000 chaser points barrier and becoming the 11th member of the sacred SuperSloth club after his contact with Steve GD3WGU/P on GD-001 some minutes ago.

This one is a very special achievement and has to be the fastest ever SS qualification, done in 39 weeks and 5 days, I doubt that the time will be beaten for many years if at all.

Well done Mike and good luck with your next 10000

73 Barry M3PXW

Great achievment Mike !!

Glad I could contribute to your SS with… 1 point :o)

We roughly started chasing at the same time. Watch out !! I am catching up hi hi. (reached 2400p today !!)


Well done Mike. You can relax now !!!

73 John GW4BVE

In reply to M3PXW:

Many Congratulators Mike.

To rise to the dizzy heights of Super-Sloth is quite an achievement; but to do it in your first season is magnificent. Very well done

If Lewis Hamilton can match your feat later today in Brazil then the UK will have two reasons to celebrate.


SS qualification, done in 39 weeks and 5 days

Amazing!.. well done Mike… now can you step back give the rest of us a chance to catch up? I still dream of sloth status…:slight_smile:

73 Marc GØAZS

Well done Mike.

GW0DSP Joins SS Club

Does this mean you get to wear those shiny boots and carry a Luger? ;o)

I think maybe we need to rethink the sloth bit of Shack Sloth in your case. What do you call a really fast animal like a sloth?


A Shack Sloth inspecting his HF antenna -

In reply to GW7AAV:

What do you call a really fast animal like a sloth?

Super Sloth? Speedy Sloth? Slippy Sloth?

Congratulations Mike.

In reply to M3PXW:Well done Mike.
You couldn’t have done it without me :slight_smile:
A great achievement.


In reply to M0EIQ:
Congrats Mike ,Well done indeed,73 Geoff,.cpa

Many congratulations Mike !!!
It´s always a big pleasure to hear you on/from the summits.
What will be your next record, 100xNW62?
Vy73 from rainy central-DL
Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa

Congratulations Mike well done

73 Graham G4JZF

Congratulations Mike on your achievement.

73’s Geoff G4WHA

Well done Mike on your tremendous achievement in record time.

You can always be relied on for a contact no matter the time of day or day of the week!

Next 10000 in under 39 weeks?

Best wishes,


Well done Mike, terrific achievement in such a short time

Mike G4BLH

Great stuff Mike, thanks for all the contacts you’ve given me in reaching your staggering total. Please don’t stop now…

Looking forward to the next one

73 de Paul G4MD

Very well done Mike !!

I’ve just been have a quick look at your list of SOTA contacts.

I’m amazed you found the time to do anything else since January ! (or perhaps you didn’t).


Many congratulations, Mike, on achieving ‘Super Sloth’. Thanks for all the contacts, and I look forward to working you again.

73, Fred

In reply to GW0DSP:

Well done, Mike,

You made it, then! By my reckoning the last 32 points came in under an hour - based on when we worked. Speedy, or what!

73, Richard

Must add my congratulations. Well done to Mike (one of my best ‘customers’) operating GW0DSP, who has become a ‘Slick-Sloth.’ This takes much skill and decication.

I think some credit (or responsibility!) should also go to Steve AAV for introducing Mike to this addictive pastime.

cu sn,
John (G4YSS.)

Well done Mike. Thanks for calling me on so many summits.

Robin. GM7PKT.