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GW/SW-035 - Myarth - a question


Having been following the other topic about “popping out for a summit”, I decided to use the feature on the summits page which lists all summits within a defined radius. It told me, amongst other things, that the nearest summit I have not yet activated is 150km away (as the crow flies), and the nearest worth more than one point is 208km - hence my penchant for one-point hills!

What did interest me particularly, as I widened the search radius, was the entry for GW/SW-035 Myarth. It lists only one activation, by Peter GW3TJE/P on 60m. A look at the OS map shows it adjacent to the A40, so it is not hard to reach. What is the reason for the lack of activations? Is it private land, or do “Access Land” rules apply? Is there some hidden flaw to its apparent ease? I note that there is an hotel shown at the southern foot of the hill. Can they assist with access for guests staying there? Does anybody know the name of said hotel?

A lot of questions !!!

73 de Les, G3VQO


In reply to G3VQO:


I also have no new summits within 150km so I know how you feel. Re Myarth the estate that owns it does not like anyone ascending it apparently (I have friends who live locally who confirm this). It has frequently featured on MARHOFN in relation to access problems. Upper Park is probably even worse. There are a great many nicer hills with good access to do.




I have, refreshingly, still 90 new hills to do within 150km, 91 if you include the forthcoming G/NP-031!

GW/SW-035 Myarth seems to have a history of problems with access and difficult progress due to trees and brambles. Visit http://www.rhb.org.uk and enter “Myarth” into the search box to bring up lots of reports.


In reply to G3VQO:


Peter TJE will tell you more about it. It can be accessed from the north side and the farmer is apparently friendly, but close in to the summit is quite dense vegetation and it is estate land.

Like Upper Park, perhaps one day I will pluck up the courage to undertake an activation - possibly take my own chasers so it can be done using 2m handies inside one minute flat!

73, Gerald G4OIG


In reply to G4OIG:

Thanks to all for the comments. This summit has really caught my curiosity! I’ve managed to find details of the hotel at the southern edge - it sounds really nice. Does anybody happen to know the name of the estate who own the summit? I quite fancy doing this one, but, with such a distance to travel, I’d want to activate in a relaxed manner (i.e. with permission), perhaps retiring to the hotel for a good meal and an excellent bottle of wine afterwards.

73 de Les


In reply to G3VQO:
Glanusk Estate,. Crickhowell.

Look like the sort of outfit that will expect a fee.


In reply to G3CWI:

Interesting!! Thanks for that.

73 de Les


In reply to G3VQO:

Peter was considering writing to them - perhaps a number of us could go, each operating one band.

Maybe worth progressing.

73, Gerald


In reply to G4OIG:

…I suspect that the more it sounds like an “event” the more they will be likely to want some money. If anyone is writing, please bear in mind the guidance at:


(para. 4).

73 and good luck!



In reply to G3CWI:

I wasn’t suggesting we go mob handed and trample all over the place. With the vegetation the number of activators and equipment would be limited anyway. It will need careful consideration. I take your point about payment though. On the other hand, a few going together would reduce the number of requests and avoid them tiring of being asked.

Seeing there are “Keep Out” signs around the place, I would think that the odds are against them saying yes anyway… wonder whether the hill-baggers have ever bothered asking.

73, Gerald


Hi All,

I’ve found that “asking nicely” can give you an in to a good many places, and it never goes amiss even when strictly not necessary. So perhaps fortune would smile on a condoned expedition to Myarth…

Put me down for it if an activation is on the cards!

73 de Paul G4MD


In reply to G4MD:

At the risk of appearing selfish, I tend to agree with Richard’s thoughts about keeping it relatively low-key rather than seeming like an “event”. If an individual, whether Peter, Paul, myself or anybody else, can obtain permission, they then have the opportunity to demonstrate responsible behaviour which could result in future requests being viewed more favourably. I suspect that one person with one vehicle will be a lot easier to approve than half a dozen bodies in several cars.

That said, I live about a four-hour drive away, so if anybody nearer wishes to “try their luck” I’ll happily step aside. If nobody wishes to assume the mantle then I may make enquiries.

73 de Les, G3VQO


In reply to G3VQO:

Hi All,

Did anyone try contacting the Glanusk Estate as a result of this thread? I don’t want to do so myself if someone has already tried and told where to go; making them feel bombarded by requests would probably not help the long-term prospects of co-operation!


Paul G4MD


I have included this one in my itinerary for my annual winter outing in December. So if anyone does ask for permission I would be interested in the outcome.

On the other hand I am perfectly happy to make contact if no-one else wants to do it.


James M0ZZO


In reply to M0ZZO:

Hi James,

I’d like to do it in the next few weeks if it can be arranged, so in the absence of any further info appearing here over the weekend I’ll contact them on Monday (strictly on a personal level for a one-off activation by myself of course) and report back on the result.

73 de Paul G4MD


In reply to G4MD:

I’m still very interested in this one - I’ve driven past it a lot in recent months and it is likely to become the lone unactivated summit in the area - like Upper Park, Hi. No rush to activate it though and I look forward to hearing the outcome Paul.

73, Gerald


Hi All,
Ref: SW-035 Myarth.
Just returned from a very wet Black Mts trip and catching up with threads.

I have, as yet, not contacted anyone on the Glanusk Estate ref ‘official activation’ of this hill. As mentioned before, I ‘sneaked in’ with the permission of a local farmer who added, ‘if you’re caught, say you’re surveying for water etc!’ Since that time, I have heard many stories of angry confrontations between the owners of Glanusk Estate and individuals, such as treasure hunters in the fields etc…the estate covers a vast area, both sides of the A40, from Crickhowell to Bwlch.
It is still worth approaching them individually for permission but, bear in mind that, the Green Man Festival is being held between 17-19th August on the estate and, either side of this date, the security will be extra vigilant!!

73s es gl! de Peter G(W)3TJE+


In reply to G3TJE:

Hi All,

It appears probable that no-one has yet “officially” made contact, so I will do so today by e-mail and post the result here.

73 de Paul G4MD


I am happy to report that I successfully obtained permission to activate Myarth, details are added as an article appended to the summit info.

In order to maintain best possible relationships with the Estate, please only contact them if you definitely intend to carry out the activation - the Estate office was very helpful but also very busy, it will not aid our cause if they receive floods of spurious enquiries. Do not be tempted to carry out an “undercover” activation, the area is intensively managed and there is a very good chance you will be challenged. SOTA is now “on the map” as far as the Estate is concerned, they know who we are and where to find us and an unauthorised activator caught on the hillside could be very bad for future activation prospects.

A very pleasant summit (if you like open forest - not many views on this one!)

73 de Paul G4MD