GW/SW-033, Wentwood. A region complete and a first summit

I have visited GW/SW-033, Wentwood, several times but have been saving my activation for this special occasion.

I gained my foundation licence independently during the first lockdown when radio clubs were closed for face to face meetings, so it was quite a nerve wracking experience when I first called into the Cardiff and District 2m, FM net. This is a small net on 145.475MHz, 20:00 -21:00hrs local time on a Thursday night. This turned out to be a very good fortune as this welcoming bunch of local amateurs, kept in check by Roy, GW1XZI, net controller, have become good friends. Robert, @GW0RQC, has become a particularly good friend and has supported and encouraged me on my progress to gaining my full licence.

One of my SOTA goals is to achieve all Wales complete. I have been one summit short of activating my local GW/SW region for nearly a year. It’s an easy summit, reasonably close to Cardiff and seemed to be a perfect summit for a joint activation with Robert.

Over the past year Robert, @GW0RQC has become a keen SOTA chaser. I am sure that many of you will be familiar with his distinctive voice, fine diction, and more recently his callsign on CW. It was his enthusiasm for SOTA chasing that lead to him being invited to make a presentation at the Newport Amateur Radio Club and finally set a deadline for our joint activation of Wentwood.

On Wednesday, 28th June. Robert completed his first SOTA activation and I completed my local region. The weather was mixed, propagation was challenging, but it was a fantastic activation and one that I shall remember for a long time.

One week later Robert delivered an excellent presentation on chasing SOTA which was very well received. Newport Amateur Radio Society is a really active and welcoming club and well worth a visit.

Thanks to Robert for all of his support and encouragement, and I hope that many of you are lucky enough to get @GW0RQC in your log book.

73, Kevin, MW0KXN


Congratulations on completing GW/SW, my local region (G/DC) only has 7 summits so was a bit easier.

I have Robert GW1RQC in the log too, from Kit Hill, G/DC-003. :slight_smile:


Yes - somewhat jealous of the managably sized UK regions. They make for realistic achievable chunks to set goals for.

My local ZL3/OT has 527 summits of which at least 40 would require mountaineering equipment & gear and will remain beyond my skills & abilities.

So instead I’m working on our local Central Otago district (county equivalent) but even that has 71 summits! 13 to go, 12 of them on private land.


Nice report! Great that you have made new friends since getting licensed. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to speak to you much at the hog roast, sorry!
I know Roberts distinctive voice too!
Congratulations on the GW/SW completion.


Thanks Kevin for a lovely report and photos, and congratulations on completing GW/SW. Lovely to see the face behind the distinctive and clear voice of @GW0RQC. How lovely that your completion activation was also Robert’s first. Hopefully the first of many for Robert.

73 to the two of you, and look forward to working you both soon.

Matthew, M0JSB


Great report @MW0KXN Kevin - looking at your picture, Robert was having fun - well done on your first successful activation @GW0RQC Robert, I hope you have many more! Also congratulations to you Kevin for the completion of GW/SW - roll on MW & NW :slight_smile:

73, Ben


Congrats Kevin MW0KXN on completing GW/SW. I know you’ve had quite a lot of un during these activations - even if you may have to visit some of them again to see what they look like in daylight. Glad you didn’t drag Robert, GW0RQC, on one of those but set things up regally on Wentwood I see there was a table with, of course, a packet of Welsh cakes but where was the flower arrangement and napkins??

Hello Robert, I am delighted to hear that you are chasing SOTA activators in South Wales and hope that we talk (on 2m or 70cm fm please) before long when I’m next in the area. Perhaps a s2s in good weather some time (certainly not today when it poured all day in Hereford, until about 1730)?? Best of luck and I hope you enjoy your new hobby.

73 Viki M6BWA