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GW/SW-020 and G/WB-013

Today GW/SW-020 Graig Syfyrddyn was my last GW/SW unique Activation. Whoop!
Dry and breezy, but unusually mild. A good run on 2m FM, 60m SSB and 40m SSB, right up to the point where I couldn’t hold my 40m frequency as always happens on a weekend.
FT857 10W on 2m FM, 30W on 60/40 SSB. Slim G 2m, inverted vee dipole 60/40.
I was going to leave G/WB-013 Garway Hill until tomorrow. But decided I could squeeze it in before it got too dark.
Good run on 2m FM, but 60m was very noisy (S8) and I struggled to get a handful of contacts. 40m was even worse… just 1 contact through the noise and then again I lost my frequency. Darkness was creeping in… Time to make a swift exit and pack up and descend. Made it to the car without need for the headtorch… just.
FT857 10W on 2m FM, 30W on 60/40 SSB. Slim G 2m, inverted vee dipole 60/40.
Thanks to chasers on both Summits.


Is this a first… taking my own post off topic.

Sat relaxing after after dinner in a hotel in Ross on Wye… Dire Straits on quietly in the background… perfect end to the day.

Then they play Tunnel of Love and the Spanish City line… reminded me that we visited the refurbished Spanish City in Whitley Bay at the end of a Coast to Coast cycle ride in 2019… last longish cycle trip before the “unpleasantness” started.


Well done Gerald and Sue. Good to chase you today and thanks for going on to HF as 2m was a non-starter for me for those summits. Onwards and upwards😁

73 Allan