GW/SW-003 Fan Brycheiniog by GW4VPX

Blog is up for yesterday’s activation of Fan Brycheiniog GW/SW-003. Thanks to all the Chasers and Activators. VHF/UHF was great…HF was what it was…but hey, it wasn’t raining and the sun was out :slight_smile: 73 Allan GW4VPX

My target for the day

I had to ask someone to take this pic…glad they didn’t run off with my phone :slight_smile:

Paths to the summit have been improved…looks like this is the next project to prevent erosion

Taken from Fan Foel


Thanks Allan, I very much like the photograph from Fan Foel :sunglasses: Good stuff.
Well done on the S2Summits.

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Well done again Allan,even though the bands were rubbish the views and wx made up for it.Those bags of gear took some humping up to the summit.73 Don.

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One comedian mentioned that Val had placed them there for me as she wasn’t with me for the activation…I won’t name him hi hi. As usual, thanks for the contact Don and yes I really enjoyed myself as for a change it was warm and dry :slight_smile:

73 Allan

Nice report Allan as always.

Come on Viki (M6BWA) what have you achieved now ? :slight_smile:

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Lovely pictures Allan - one of my (many) favourite summits for views. Thanks for your help, once again, and I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I think you weather was better than ours on Waun Fach (SW-002) as it got quite cloudy and rather cold but good views of gliders and paragliders getting higher and higher and then disappearing into the cloud briefly. Ugh, not my idea of fun.

MW0WML. Hello Gerald. Sorry that you didn’t come and join in a little party I arranged yesterday involving summits, 70cms and lots of sunshine. For me, it resulted in 7 70cm S2S (and an 8th on 2m with Phil in Eire on the handy with stick aerial as we walked onto the top - a bit of a surprise!) Also about 15 more 70cm contacts and a handful of 2m. Full details (and thanks) to follow when I have recovered and have time for the log.

Unfortunately I then blotted my (SOTA) copybook by misunderstanding the reference given to me for the little summit afterwards. Hence M0JLA and I were sitting only 20 yds apart (very unusual to be so close) on the Begwns (with fabulous views of the whole Beacons scarp) but he was operating from GW/MW-025 whilst I was on GW/SW-025 -whoops! Stewart (G0LGS) noticed the discrepancy so we knew about it before descending the ‘mighty mountain’ and Rod has put up an apology. We have operated many times before on different summits - and even different regions when I was cycling across the border but it would have been a very long cycle from near Glasbury to outside Cardiff. Sorry, pardon. Now to that log…
Viki M6BWA


Many thanks for the excellent photos Allan. When Paul and I activated that one we had to resort to operating side by side in the shelter. I remember the summit area being very wet and windy - it was pretty dire at the parking spot.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Those bags of stone are very recent … I was up there 9 March and they weren’t there then.


Hi Mike

Yes, they looked brand new. A little bit further over there were others and lengths of 8ins by 4ins timber…we might have a cafe there by our next visit :slight_smile: The helicopter team had certainly been busy.

73 Allan

On Sunday we walked up Waun Fach (GW/SW-002) from Talgarth Common in the North and admired the long line of white bags from about halfway up the slope - also the new ditch digging across the path. Round one more corner and we found the 2 lads working hard, having already spent 6 days on the task and hoping to finish in 3 more days. They were still hard at it on our return with 9 bags emptied each that day and were going to pack up after another 3 bags each. They lived in the Olchon Valley (on the English side of the border East of GW/WB-041) and said they also did a lot of work on the Offas Dyke path just above their homes. We were very grateful for their hard work and they knew the path was very popular as they had to keep stopping to let people pass - especially lots of DofE groups on that day! Certainly diverting the water from running down the path and thus stopping the erosion does make a great difference. I know some footpath repair is done by volunteers but these 2 were being paid - and earning every penny.

Viki M6BWA


Well done Viki.

I had hoped to join the party from our local high spot. We drove up to the convenient parking place, set up the 19-ele Yagi on a nearby fence and payed out the low-loss feed. Right, what do I plug this N-type into? Duh…


(But Helen and I got chases of Gerald and Adrian which was an unexpected bonus)

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