GW/SW-003 by GW4CFS/P

Hi Guys, please see the activation report for todays trip up Fan Brycheiniog Apologise to those waiting for HF but as you will read I was having major problems with the cold effecting my fingers and toes today.

73 Glyn G(W)4CFS/P


Eee, that looks as chilly as when Paul and I activated it back in January 2008. Who said we’ve had a mild winter? Mind you, the route up looks a little less on the wet side - that was one of the last outings before I bought myself a decent pair of boots and I well remember having wet feet that day. The Kayland Contact 1000’s I bought in February 2008 are still going strong, though now worn for less onerous walks. I just can’t bear to throw them away - must have been up to GM too many times… :wink:

Thanks for the report - it brought back some happy memories.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Yes, what he said… One of my most enduring SOTA memories is the shock of the breathtakingly icy blast that hit us as we got out of the car on arrival at the parking spot :-s

Great report, thanks Glyn!

73 de Paul G4MD

As per Gerald’s sentiments, that looks horrible! Your’re a braver man than I to go up in conditions like that Glyn!

If you get this summit on a nice day, it is superb. Still today remains as my favourite of the South Wales Hills!


Matt G8XYJ