GW SOTA S2S Party and get together - Saturday 8th July 2023

Hi all,

Just a heads up for all the keen S2S chasers and the SOTA community in general:

The GW SOTA group are holding a S2S party on Saturday 8th July 2023 from 08:00 UTC until 13:00 UTC - we will then finish the day off with a gathering and inhale plenty of food and drink!

If anyone would like to join in on our S2S party from all over the world - please feel free to do so. It would be amazing to work as many stations as possible on this day :slight_smile:

I can see alerts have already been entered for the day, so it would be great to see many more added to the list.

Happy SOTA’ing everyone!

73, Ben


There is also a get together in Ireland in the Wicklow Hills for Saturday and Sunday (8th and 9th) so lets hope for plenty of S2S contacts. Thanks to John EI3ISB for doing the organising.

Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing !


Hi Ben

It is a long time since I have been to Wales ( but I’m about to start putting that right ), but from memory it is quite big. Which by are you using for the get together so I can make some plans?



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Hi Paul,

I hope all is well!

So, the get together is taking place in GW/MW, the centre of Wales so it’s easier for everyone to meet.

If you google Llanfair Caereinion and choose a summit near there - you won’t be far away :grinning: I’ll PM you exact location. Looking forward to meeting up again!

73, Ben

Thanks Ben, sorry I missed you yesterday. I cunningly timed my arrival at Ingleborough (G/NP-005) to be at the point where you were between summits, and I know from last year it seemed a surprisingly big climb between them … or am I just getting old.

  1. Paul
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I think it’s WRTC 2022 Italy (postponed to 2023)) and IARU HF contest that weekend, so the HF contest bands (CW and Phone) portions should have lots to stations to work.




Just over a week and most of us will be calling ‘CQ SOTA’ from a hilltop in Wales. I’m also hoping to hear the phrase ‘S2S S2S’ across the VHF/UHF & HF band 🙂 Wales aren’t the only SOTA group having some fun on this weekend, GI/EI SOTA & GM OARC are also out on the hills playing radio, so let’s see if we can fill our logs with S2S contacts and speak to some really good friends - make hay while the sun shines!!

Saturday 8th July 2023 is the big day where we will take part in a S2S party in the morning and then meet up for a ‘Hog Roast’ and gathering in the afternoon. The gathering will commence at 3pm normal time at the following location in Mid-Wales:

What3Words reference: wedding.carpentry.develops

This link will take you to the field gate entrance where you will enter through the gate and park on the left hand side in the field. Please take your time entering the field, its not perfectly flat!

I’m sure you will spot the marquee’s, look for high flying Welsh & SOTA flags blowing high in the wind 🙂 there will also be a toilet on site!

Can I please ask everyone to bring your own drinks - we will have tea, coffee and water available, but that is all. Also, I only have 12 chairs, so if you want to sit down, please bring your own chair just in case!

I’m hoping the wx will be on our side, nevertheless, I’m sure everyone will have a good time chatting and meeting each other if it isn’t.

The food will be served at 4pm normal, so please try and be there by that time. One Hog roast bun each with a side plate of potatoes. We will also have macaroni pasta for any vegetarians attending.

I believe a couple want to camp, I will send you a pin to this location privately - so keep checking your messages 🙂

I’d like to finish off by saying - If anyone else would like to call by from this group and say hi, please do so. Use the location link above - it would be great to meet more activators and chasers at this event!

I wish everyone a safe journey, a safe ascent to the activators climbing mountains and I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

73, Ben



Looking forward to it Ben. Unusually, I still haven’t been offered a gig for that day! Highly unusual for a midsummer Saturday - peak wedding season - but maybe it is written in the stars that HGY and EYP will attend the GW Party!

I fancied a more challenging hike but @M0HGY has expressed a preference for a long activation bagging lots of S2S contacts. So we have alerted for GW/MW-026. I can’t decide whether the 20m vertical with groundplane (my most potent and efficient antenna), or the Alexloop (multiband capability) is optimal for this event - but I think I’ll go with the former. Jimmy will take care of the VHF side of things.

Roll on next weekend!


Glad to hear you will be attending but hope that Jimmy has got his SOTAbeam filter at the ready. I once spent a frantic 15 mins trying to get contacts with the dipole on 2m but with no replies. I eventually reverted to the standard stick aerial and discovered that half of the Midlands had been trying to help me out but not a dickeybird did I hear thanks to the impressive mast! A subsequent visit with a filter was busy. good luck
73 Viki

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Just a quick correction! OARC will be out across the whole UK (maybe EI too), not just GM. Although we’re a bit light in the north of England, sadly. Trying to convince a few more…

It’s going to be hugely exciting, this. I’ve never been out on a big day like this before!


I expect he’ll be using his 817 for 2m rather than a handheld. Plus the amount of people in the vicinity for the event and S2S action will probably make it much easier than normal.


Myself and Peter M1BZJ are tentatively organising a trip out for that day to coincide with the GW Sota event.
A lot depends on the weather and what kind of pass-out we get from our partners. It is unlikely that we would be able to make the evening gathering as that would probably land us back home too late so would be good to get to say hello from summits.

Expect multi-band, multimode ops (except CW), would be nice for some 70cm SSB action. Data and satellites are possible too depending on passes and testing of the data connections on the laptop.

Possible targets :
G/SP-013 Gun
G/WB-005 Long Mynd
G/SP-017 Billinge Hill
(others to be considered)



Hi Ian @G7ADF,

It would be great to make a S2S with you, sounds like the hills will be alive :grinning: I’ll have most HF bands with me from Cadair Idris and 2/70 FM. Please feel free to call back at our event if you wish, partners are welcome too :grinning:

73, Ben


It’s also the weekend of the IARU HF Worldchampionships so from 1200UTC on Saturday it’s going to be crowded. I suggest to take WARC-band antenna’s as well, because the contesters will waltz over the tiny SOTA-signals.


I’ve sent a message to Ben with profound apologies as I have had to cancel this event. My campervan has a fault and isn’t going to be fixed in time. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


There are also forecast of electrical storms over the midlands and northwest uk for saturday.

If you are going out on the hills take note of the forecasts.


Unfortunately, owing to a close encounter between my left knee and my electric hedge-trimmer late this afternoon, we will not be present for either the S2S or the hog roast :unamused:
No great damage but too soon to drive for 2 hours each way or even ascend a nice gentle hill. I hope to be able to chase a few summits from home, severe local noise permitting.
I hope the rain holds off and everyone has a great day out.


Ah sorry to hear that Rod. Hope the knee mends soon - sounds nasty!

Heck! Sorry to hear that. Get well soon.

Will miss seeing you both.