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GW SOTA Completion

Reminded of the time he met me up there way back in 2004, the GW AM, and my good friend Roger @MW0IDX sent me this photo earlier today. Eek! At least I can say that I’m in better shape at 50 than I was at 33!



A “Wasp Special” by SOTABeams if my memory serves me right Tom…


Looking at the shoulder line Tom you were quite chunky and well bearded (before they became fashionable) in this August 2009 shot when we went on the sojourn to Ailsa Craig. I count this as my best and most memorable SOTA day out of all time!

73 Phil G(M)4OBK

PS Also found this photo in the archives, you with Jack GM4COX/P…what a day, and a group photo too:


Yeah that was a good day, and quite an exhilarating activation. All organised and coordinated by Jimmy IIRC, who would have been M3EYP back then. I don’t look quite so bad in these 2009 photos, but I did pile on the pounds again in the 5 years that followed it!

It’s quite breathtaking to think that SOTA has been going for nearly two decades, and the profound impact it’s had on my life over that time. Many of these photos “seem like yesterday” - but were a heck of a long time ago, especially when put into the context of other life situations (children, job etc) at the time!

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Must qualify as the spiritual home of SOTA. Well done on your GW complete!


Thank you to everyone who congratulated both myself and my dad Tom M1EYP on activating all SOTA summits in GW.

I do remember very well that occasion back in 2004 when my dad Tom M1EYP was activating GW/NW-070 which was before I even had my Foundation licence and my brother Liam was there also and during this activation the GW - Association Manager Roger @MW0IDX along with Jenny @MW0BET alongside with her dog come and joined met us on this summit. I wonder how Jenny MW0BET is doing and I haven’t heard from her for a number of years now.

I remember very well organising that SOTA expedition to Alisa Craig GM/SS-246 back in the summit of 2009 which previously before then had never been activated for SOTA. On this expedition were myself, my dad Tom M1EYP, Phil @G4OBK, Geoff @G6MZX with his wife and dog, Nick @G0HIK, Jack @GM4COX, Allan @MM1BJP with his dad, Robert @GM4GUF, Ken @GM0AXY and his wife Christine @GM4YMM.

Jimmy M0HGY