GW/NW from Dolgellau 2-9 July

We are driving up to Dolgellau on Friday for what we thought was a week of trying new routes on old ‘favourites’ (Y Garn GW/NW-037 is on the list but our ascent is remembered more as a horror story!! I have never been dragged over such a high stone wall before/since) and trying give me some more completes by chasing them.

I have quite a lots of ‘wants’ : GW/NW-020, 036, 037, 038, 052, 060, 065, 073, 077 and GW/MW-005 (and 020 but see below) but the task is not as easy as it may sound as I have (MY rules) to be on a (different) summit at the time and using 2m or 70cm. In other words they have to be s2s but this time we are only bringing a car (thanks to lockdown I have lost most of my cycling ‘fitness’ - such as it was).

The second problem is the weather forecast which may well be accurate this time as it thinks Dolgellau (let alone the surrounding summits) will be wet/very wet from Saturday to Wednesday (it looks no further at present), We appear to be driving in on the only decent day and thus have put up alerts for me on GW/NW-029 and M0JLA on GW/MW-020 in the hopes that we get tick off one complete. Please note that this is not because Rod doesn’t feel like a longer walk but he is the car driver and he is doing me a great favour by going up one of my ‘non-completes’.

Despite the weather we will try to get out and about on the local hills but would welcome some help if anyone else is in the area and feels like some exercise. We will need to co-ordinate so that we land on a hill at the right time - and somewhere within 2m range of the ‘non-complete’. We have noticed that Cadair Idris does rather get in the way (and it is not on the list of likely summits this time) if I am trying to chase, say, NW-065 Gamallt so we would have to be fairly close. With luck we should be able to read any replies to this, alerts and PMs to M0JLA while in Dolgellau.

The last time we were there we both went up GW/NW-055 Foel Offrwm which looks down the estuary to Barmouth and we had plenty of time to admire the view as on 2m/70cm fm with the highest dipole I could erect (and my mighty 5w on the VX-7R) we got one contact - but it WAS on both bands!! Many thanks to Mike 2W0WMW in Rhydymain but we were hoping for at least 3 more callsigns. We know the path up there has now been finished so we aim for another visit - please listen out for us!! We will alert when we can and M0JLA will try to spot IF there is a phone signal. Hope to hear from you
73 Viki M6BWA


For the avoidance of Chaser confusion:-

on Friday Viki, MW6BWA/P was on GW/NW-029; Rod, MW0JLA/P was on GW/MW-020

on Saturday MORNING we were BOTH on GW/NW-055

on Saturday AFTERNOON Viki, MW6BWA/P was on GW/MW-020; Rod. MW0JLA/P was on GW/NW-052

We hope to BOTH be on GW/NW-008 on Monday afternoon - weather and energy permitting.

Thanks to all chasers, especially the unsuccessful ones for trying.


I am on my way up to Snowdonia tomorrow (6th July) for a few days of SOTAs, hopefully will work some S2S with you.
Andrew M1CJE

It would be good to work s2s with you Andrew.
Tuesday 6th we are resting!
Wednesday 7th weather (and energy) permitting we shall do something.
Thursday 8th and Friday 9th (on way home) we hope to be out will depend on weather and energy.
Hope you have a successful few days.

The database is currently rejecting my csv log for contacts since 22nd June and I am unable to see why this should be. Apparently there is a logged s2s already. We have never before had a problem with consecutive 2m and 70cm s2s - perhaps something has changed. Working on it - by splitting the uploads of chases and then individual activations, as necessary.

Many thanks to NW-008 chasers and especially GW4TQE/P for the s2s - apologies for the short activation but we reached the summit almost exactly at our alerted time feeling very frayed :fearful: and without lunching or setting-up time.

(from M6BWA: 'I had the very fearful face as I had no idea how I was going to get down some of the little rock faces I’d had to scramble up (or been pulled up) or even find the same way down with the myriad of little paths through the rocks. I have a very bad head for heights and hate scrambling of any sort as I know descending will be worse, As it was, the conditions were perfect - apart from a strongish wind on the summit -which meant I could see down between my feet to our path up and even the car park - not ideal for those with vertigo! Hence we wedged ourselves in between the spikes and only used the stick aerial even though Rod had lugged the dipole up on his sack and caught it in the rocks a few times. To my amazement, by not looking down and choosing slightly better routes, the descent was somewhat easier and we found routes round the worst obstacles. (I have no idea how one gets down in cloud or with wet rock - perhaps by not being up there in those conditions?!)

Back to M0JLA: It was 8pm by the time we reached our base here having taken our time on the descent.

Resting today and keeping indoors out of the rain. More later in the week - I hope.

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Try dropping one of the S2S from the CSV and log it manually.

Hi Rod @M0JLA & Andy @MM0FMF

I may be totally wrong but some time ago I had a problem uploading my csv file which contained s2s. Funnily the problem was caused with an s2s entry for Viki and Rod. I had put the same contact time down for both Rod and Viki. I changed the entry so that they had different minutes and the problem was solved.

I didn’t spot this and the thanks is due to Simon G4TJC who suggested the change which worked…hope this helps.

Allan GW4VPX

I had the same problem with a rejected log containing a S2S. I’m pretty sure it was deleting the log in “Manage uploads” page that solved it for me.
73 Roger

Thanks for several useful suggestions.

Allan, GW4VPX/P had the solution so a minor time adjustment permitted the revised csv to be accepted. (I may have had the same problem before, probably when we were doing a lot of our own shared s2s, and forgotten about it.)

I must remember to post here first when other problems arise - I think that between them the correspondents probably know everything :wink: