GW/NW-076 - Mynydd y Cwm

I had two options today. Billinge Hill or Mynydd y Cwm. I opted for Mynydd y Cwm. But first was a quick visit to Aintree Sprints :: Liverpool Motor Club to meet a Motorsport Rescue unit to collect two Isle of Man TT Course Immediate Care Case’s that had been retired from service.

Back to the M53 and then onto the A55 to get to Mynydd y Cwm and do battle with Bank Holiday traffic with plenty of caravans and boats on tow.

Arriving at Mynydd y Cwm, I parked at the car parking area and wandered up the track. Now the trees have been cleared I almost missed the fork in the track.

Got to the top and setup next to a tree away from the mountain bikers.
Starting on 2m FM I made 8 contacts and 3 S2S and then onto HF and made 4 contacts and 2 S2S
Then I noticed SWR was flashing while operating on 7mhz so I decided it was time to stop and pack up.