GW/NW-076 Activation in the wind

After working MW7MWZ earlier on on Saturday(06/04/24) morning I decided to revisit the summit as it had been almost 12 months since I had been there.
I needed to do a bit of running around Saturday morning and by the time I got to the summit it was 13:25.
Plenty of room in the carpark at the start of the track. The walk up was probably the easiest and quickest as the fallen trees had been tidies up/cut back/removed.

At the summit I spent some time pondering the best location for the HF linked dipole. I settled on an area between the tracks with just enough room to safely get the antenna up.

Once setup, spotted on 7mhz and got 10 contacts. Switched to 14mhz and got 4 contacts and three S2S. Finally on 2m got another 9 contacts and one S2S

The weather was starting to get quite windy when I left and a few of the trees had started to get quite a move on.

The best contact on 20m was 799 miles which was a 10 point summit/S2S
The best contact on 2m was 119 miles which was pretty good.



Great to get catch you in the morning on 2m John, sounds like you had a successful activation too! It’s a great summit for a quick activation :+1:


Like wise as well. It is a good summit, if you could remove a couple more trees at the top and maybe add a bench :slight_smile:


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Couldn’t agree more! More summits should have benches :grin:

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