GW/NW-073 - Mynydd Rhyd Ddu

Decided to avtivate GW/NW-073 - Mynydd Rhyd Ddu as I had a day off before a motorsport trip to the Isle of Man tomorrow.
Sat nav set for Melin y Wig
Leaving home and the weather was nice, showing as 21c on the Eberspacher heater control.
First stop Tesco in Ruthin for loo stop. While in the car park I spotted a tricked up Freelander
On the way out of the store, I stop off at the magazine section and did a double look at a Land Rover on the front cover of a magazine.

Yep the same Freelander that was in the car park!

Anyways, onwards.
Weather starting to produce some wetness on my windscreen.
Using the route on Sotlas I approached from the west.
I found the farm mention on the route/description and drove up the yard but no one around.

On my way back down I spotted a lady on quad bike, turns out she wasnt the land owner but rented the farm. I explained what I was doing and was I OK to cross the land to get to the trig point. She was happy and allowed me to park on her land. Not sure this would be the case all the time so dont assume.

I got directions of her which was pretty much the same as the route on my phone.
I made my way up the Land Rover track from the farm (in the Land Rover) after being given permisison to park by the three gates.

Spot the Land Rover

I got to the top and got setup. 2m ladder line antenna and HF link dipole for 20m and 40m.
Popped a spot on Sotawatch and called CQ on 2m for 10/15mins. Nothing heard. Not a bean. Not a sausage!

I checked Sotawatch and then moved to 20m and worked M7BIA/P on G/SP-004 (S2S)
Again on Sotawatch I spotted M0MZM/P was on G/WB-016 (S2S)

I re-spotted on 40m and moved 7.115mhz and then 7.120mhz and made a further 20+ contacts

Wind turbine

Not a bad view at the start of the activation

A few clouds at the end of activation

Cheers to the chasers and the two other activators and a surprise in the log was MM0EFI - cheers Fraser.


That is photo of the year.

I do so little Chasing that when I do, I make a mental note to go climb the hill for a Complete. That’s theee on the list today. Your one, Shining Tor and (edit) Trichrug.


It was such a good photo opportunity, I couldn’t resist.

Your one, Shining Tor and Mynydd Rhyd Ddu - who else was on Mynydd Rhyd Ddu today?


Sorry - Trichrug! Edited.

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I couldn’t activate a hill whose name I was unable to pronounce. Here we have the basic Black Hill (dozens), one tree hill (hundreds) and Fred’s/Jim’s/Harry’s hill. And in some states some interesting names revealing lots about the state of mind of the early explorers. Such as Disappointment, Hopeless and Useful.
Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


I didnt try to say the name of the summit. Just gave out the number :slight_smile:

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You just say it as it is written. Except it’s not written in English so the letters don’t sound as English speakers expect them to.

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