GW/NW-072 Bardsey

Booked onto the 11:00am boat to Bardsey Island on Sunday. Looking forward to a trip across the sea for some SOTA and a look around the island.

I’ll use the SOTA reference, but as I don’t do anything else I don’t know what other references I might get asked for? IoTA - is it EU-124? Do you just say “I-O-TA Ref E U 1 2 4”?

Anything else I might get asked for as this is a bit of a rarer one? I got the MoAPU (Mother of all pile ups) when I did a small island off Skye last year (It had a trig point too!).

PS hopefully my last GW/NW activation unique summit too.

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Hope you do HF Gerald as I will be keen for the unique. 60m is worth considering as 40m is still somewhat unpredictable at the moment for local skip conditions.

I will even build you the dipole if you don’t feel up to doing it :smile:

Also don’t forget to celebrate in style for the GW/NW complete as well. Not too far from it myself now.


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Hmmmm like these sotas

Bardsey island is EU-124 and your sota is SH-12 for WAB Ref

40m be good for me, will be part of the pile up when we hear you all being well.

CQ IOTA CQ IOTA From EU-124 bardsey is

Or better still make it CQ Sota less pile up at first then LOL

Triple whammy for me SOTA, WAB and new Iota GROUP( and island)
Bing it on and may the weather and propagation gods be kind

My other half would love that place for its history of ghosts and hauntings


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I can do 60m… I’ll add it to the list!

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Looking forward’s to that one Gerald i think it was Simon GW4TJC i last spoke to on there
on 2M 59 59 both ways, Catch you on Sunday
best 73s

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Please try the old 60M channels. I haven’t widebanded my 5000MP yet so I cant TX on the new channels, only the old ones.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Will do.

Any favoured ones ?
5258.5, 5278.5, 5288.5, 5366.5, 5371.5, 5398.5 and 5403.5 kHz (all USB Dial Frequencies)

Hi Gerald

I hope I can join in the celebrations with an s2s :smile:

(5.398.5 or 5.403.5)

73 Allan GW4VPX

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I agree with Allan - either 5398.5 or 5403.5. If both occupied 5371.5

Thanks Andrew G4AFI