GW/NW-070 The Great Orme

Hi all I decided to activate the Great Orme yesterday as the wife wanted a possible last visit to the seaside for a while depton Government lock down rules from tomorrow. 2M fm was not too bad but I tried 20m & 40m from my EFHW and I had a problem with S8 of noise on both bands. I activated the Orme last August and don’t remember those noise problems. Is this new? Or I was lucky before or a problem with my gear. I don’t think it is the later as it worked well 2 weeks ago.



Hi Paul. I don’t know about anywhere else but here in west Yorkshire for weeks now it has been usual to see S8 of noise on the HF bands on my EFHW wire whereas it used to be S1 to S2. But saying that I have managed to pick up nearly 300 chaser points in just 4 or 5 weeks.
Stay safe mate and best 73

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Always used to be pretty quiet on HF, 2m FM on a handie was was always the problem on the Orme. Nice VHF set up BTW!

Nice to get a portable contact with you Paul from Humphrey Head, the most Southerly Outlying Wainwright in the Lake District. Very civilized operating setup there, mine was more sit-mat and cow-pat: Humphrey Head - Amazing Weather - Activation Reports - Wainwrights on the Air

Cracking day to be /P however!

Regards, Mark