Thank you all for the contact today today was my first ever contacts on 80m and 160m but I did see a problem so I don’t think I will be doing 80m and 160m again also I did do by mistake that I made contacts with MW6GWR/P as well as MO6GWR/P I can’t Submit activation Logs for both callsigns can I have some help with that at tall thanks
my contacts on the bands
160M 2
80M 2
40M 16
20M 15
17M 5
15M 3
12M 2
10M 2
6M 2
2M 2
and thank you all for the summit two summits


In reply to MW6GWR:

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for the 7MHz QSO’s earlier.

Very well done on activating on so many bands from one summit, & especially for the two contacts on 160m! If I’d known you were going to try the Top Band I would have listened for you, although from that part of Wales to Blackburn in the daytime would be most difficult using 100 Watts of CW, let alone 10 Watts of SSB.

There is a lot to be said for being able to work several bands on an activation & I think you must be up amongst those who have worked the most with your impressive list above :slight_smile:

As for entering your activator log, I have only used the “upload csv” methid, whichj does allow you to enter different call-signs (in my case G0VOF/M & G0VOF/P) I am not sure if the manual entry method allows this.

Well done & thanks again :slight_smile:



In reply to MW6GWR:

Well done on working so many bands, Ricky.

and thank ypu all for the summit two summit

Thanks for the S2S, a new one for me!

When we made the contact, I didn’t realise my fishing pole antenna had fallen over was laying on the ground!

73 Mike

In reply to G0VOF:
thanks Mark for the contact and I will have a go with a csv don’t think we would of made the contact on 160m hope hear you on the next summit


In reply to 2E0YYY:
Thanks Mike for the s2s I did go up sooner then I would have as I was looking for the s2s with you look for would to the next contact and s2s