GW/NW-063 Ffridd Cocyn 11/11/2012

I would like say thank you to all the chaser. It being the best day out so far on a summit with 76 contacts and 7 S2S with Barry on GW/NW-022, Colwyn on GM/ES-022, Douglas on G/SE-005, Martyn and Caroline on G/DC-001 and Lutz on DM/NW-230.I would also like to say Thank you too G0VOF how did try to work me on top band who was a 33 but we did not make the contact :frowning: hopefully we will make a contact on top band soon but I did make 1 contact on top band :slight_smile: with MW3RNI how was there for me. :slight_smile: All the bands to day were open all the time I was up there but only one contact in to NA in to North Carolina.And one new dxcc in to YO Romania on 15m. The day started at 0730 on the pc and radio to see what the bands were like and what time would be the time to fit S2S in the 4hour time that i had up there I started out at 0850 got to the summit after ten minutes in the car then it was 30 minutes to get to the top being on the sleep side of things then it was five minutes to set up then take about ten minutes to have a look on the bands and try to get some s2s then started on 20m I was on 20m for about 25 minutes and made 20 contacts then QSYed to 17m and made 8 contacts in about 13 minutes then went to see if Barry MW0IML/P was on 60m there he was so I stayed then he qsyed to 40m I went and looked for him and made the s2s then I went on to 7.190 and made the the first contact at 11:28, I was here for about 10 minutes with 18 contacts I went QRX for 1 minute and went on too 20meters to see if Barry was there and he was so made the s2s again and then back to 40meters and made sum more contacts for about ten minutes then QSYED to top band and 2meters and the one contact with MW3RNI on top band with only one contact I went back to 20meters for about ten minutes then QSYED and made 2 contacts then on too 15meters and made five contact being Wales,Ukraine,Romania,Finland and then the one contact into the USA then at about 12:50 I went back on the hunt for S2S and the made contact with Douglas M/ON4ROS/P then with Martyn and Caroline M1MAJ/P,M3ZCB/P then after about 15 minutes of calling made the contact with Lutz DL3SBA/P then for the last band of the day at 13:40 went back to 40meters for about 20 minutes and made 16 contacts at 14:00 the batterie was at Low so I had last look up and down the bands and packed up went and had a look to see if there was good sight of Cadair NW-009 as it was in the cloudy I then took some photos of Tarrenhendre NW-036 Tarren y Gesail NW-033 and Foel Cae’rberllan NW-057 Gamallt NW-065 and at about 14:30 I started down the hill as well chating a bit to MW3RNI was in the car at 15:00 and on the way home and at 15:10 was at home. :slight_smile:

Best day out that I have had in 1 year. :slight_smile:

Will update log to the daterbase soon.


That was a good day out for you Ricky well done.I missed it all, taking advantage a of a good sunny day out in Padstow with wife Mureen and sampling Rick Stein’s fish and chips for lunch and away from the qrm.73 Don.

In reply to G0RQL:
Hello Don

Yes I was also taking advantage a of sunny day with a bit of rain best day out made 84 contacts and two new dxcc being YO,SM hope to be up the summit again soon not this weekend and might might go up on christmas day to make that s2s with Mike YYY till next time. :slight_smile:


In reply to MW6GWR:

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for the excellent report & for giving 160m another try. I was listening for you & did occasionally hear what I thought was your voice, but there was nothing readable. It was good that you could hear me at 33 on Top Band at that time of the day, despite your antenna not really being resonant on the band. I am sure that if I had been away from my urban location in an RF quiet area I would have been able to hear you. CW works much better than SSB, hence I asked you to whistle a couple of times, although if you did I did not hear you.

Hope to work you again soon.

Thanks again & best 73,

Mark G0VOF