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GW/NW-062 HF today


Not so much an activation report of NW-062 today, but more of a question.
5 megs has been poor for about a week to ten days now, but today seemed to be exceptionally poor.
I was lucky to manage a s2s contact with GM7SRJ on GM/SS-128, thanks Steve, but from that point things went downhill fast.
Even the strongest stations were low in signal strength, compared to their usual.
Did everyone have the same dreadful condx?
Even a switch to 40m only brought in one cw contact with Gerd DL4FCK.



In reply to GW0DSP:

Did everyone have the same dreadful condx?

I certainly did. Just 7 contacts in 1 hour. 30m was most productive but even that was poor.




In reply to 2E0HJD:

I would have done Mick, but Barry took my sota beam with him over the trig with his family, he said that the desensing was bad when on the beam, V or H, so went back on his r/duck.
Might do the Orme tomorrow, so will listen for you. Will spot when leaving if doing it.



In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike,

Re: “5 megs has been poor for about a week to ten days now”

Saturday was okay for me - 14 chaser contacts on 5 and 7MHz resulting in 77 points - best day ever. Signals were up and down plus loads of noise on 5MHz at home which doesn’t help - it disappeared later when I was able to have a pleasant chat with Ian GW8OGI/P who was sitting in the evning sun on NW-055 while I was similarly sun drenched supping my brandy and turning a few morsels on the barbecue!

73, Gerald G4OIG


In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike

The conditions over the past 2 days have been diabolical with virtually no QSO’s on either day. Tried hard to even hear Richard 3CWI let alone work him yesterday and it was very hard work to maintain enough contact with you to call it a QSO on 5Mhz. However, like Gerald 4OIG, conditions were superb on Saturday. Managed 19 chaser QSO’s for 97 points and that include enforced grass cutting and gardening by the XYL!!

73 Glyn…GM4CFS


In reply to GM4CFS:

Yes Glyn, Saturday was a bit special, I managed to amass 111 chaser points, but overall, the past 7-10 days seem to have been the worst hf propagation in quite some time.
Thanks for the qso yesterday, it was a struggle, but we made it and in a strange sort of way, the “struggles” are a challenge and add to the fun of activating/chasing.

73 Mike


In reply to GW0DSP:


I moved from QRO to QRP 20 years ago because I needed a challenge in the hobby. SOTA has further added to that challenge. If all contacts were 59(9) then there would be little point in turning the radio on (my opinion). Poor conditions, coupled with the low power and restricted aerials used by the activators helps to hone the chasers skills as a radio operator. Long may the activators keep up the challenge of hill walking so I can continue to keep up the challenge of pulling them out of the QRM and QRN - it keeps the hobby fresh and enjoyable.



In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike,

    conditions were dreadful on Monday. I asked a friend I normally speak to on Topband to give me a check on 5 mhz so I can determine how it was running. My friend is about 20 miles or so away line of sight & I was struggling to hear him.
                    Saturday was a great day. I chased 16 activators & clocked up 94 points. my best day so far as a chaser. I have sometimes heard you on 2m fm simplex, up to s5. Quite amazing considering the distance from Connahs Quay to Sigglesthorne near Hornsea in East Yorkshire. 


        Phil.   m0vey


In reply to M0VEY:

Hi Phil

I have also heard you on 2fm simplex 53.
I am on a Diamond xn200 2m 70cm vertical at the moment, but it is my qth that does it. I live on the north facing side of a hill overlooking the Dee estuary and have line of sight to SP, NP, LD and a lot of GM and work most on 500Mw.
I am in the proccess of putting up a 9ele wide spaced quagi for 2fm to stop interference to others which isn’t avoidable on the vert from this qth.

73 Mike