GW/NW-062 Gate locked

I was at a bit of a lose end today after another great chaser day, so decided to head for my “office” for a 2m only activation.
It was a good job I had alerted for 2m only as I had achieved the ultimate in forgetting something.

I didn’t realise until I had erected my 7 Metre pole and assembled the sotabeam that I had managed to leave my rucksack on the sofa, Doooooh!!

I took a gamble and removed my triple 5/8 mobile antenna off the car and mag-mounted it to a galvanised gate, I still had a 7ah porta pack in the car, which luckily, Barry M3PXW had recharged from his vehicle after we had activated Billinge Hill and Winter Hill over the weekend, I might be able to save the day, although after hearing Tom and Jimmy struggle for contacts from LD-015 earlier in the day, I didn’t fancy my chances a lot.

My initial call was answered by Barry M3PXW, closely followed by a further eleven contacts, making it a good activation under the circumstances, with my rather shabby set up.

After the activation, when set up back in the car I came across Graham G8POK/M sat near Holmfirth at 1100ft asl. Graham showed a lot of interest in the sota programme and asked for the relevant info, then took note of the website and sotawatch web addresses and will probaly be joining us in the not too distant future, as he enjoys the pleasures of /P operation.
Welcome aboard the big happy sota family as soon as you are ready Graham.

One point of note, the gate at the radio station side of the summit is now locked with a rather heavy padlock and chain.

Thanks to Barry and Steve for the spots and to all chasers worked…


73 Mike GW0DSP.