GW/NW-062 Bad News

While setting up prior to my activation of Hope Mountain last night 10/7/07 I was approached by one of the farmer’s sons and asked what I was doing.
When I gave him my name and told him that I had obtained his Father’s permission to activate from his land, his attitude relaxed instantly with recognition and we had a short chat.

Unfortunately, the reason for his “check” on me was that on the previous Saturday 7/7/07 someone operating radio equipment had been on Alan’s land and had caused damage to fences etc.

I assured him that no amateur radio operator had been on site, because there was no activation alerts/spots For NW-062 for that day.

I asked if he wanted me to leave, but was told in no uncertain terms that I was very welcome to stay and to carry on enjoying myself, both last night and in the future.

I would recommend that future activators pop down to the farm and seek permission PRIOR to entering the site.
The land in question is from the gate to the radio station/mast site, including the tarmac road, plus all of the land to the left and right sides of the road and the area surrounding the two radio station buildings.

The entrance to Alan’s farm is only approx 150 metres away from the radio station parking spot, towards Wrexham and on the same side as the radio station gate.

The land over the dry stone wall containing the trig is owned by the other farmer, David, on the “top road” and his permission is required to activate from the trig itself, as per the summit info page.

Both farmers are amateur friendly.

73 Mike GW0DSP