Joined in the SOTA party today and activated GW/NW-053.
Parked in the Clwyd Gate car park (building/site now Sold)
Walked over the road and followed the path up and across the field.

Arrived at the summit and got setup for 2m and HF/20m.
A lady hill runner appeared and she was training for a half marathon on/around Snowdon.

A good view from the top.

Started on 2m and 1st contact was M7HIG and then followed another 12 on 2m.

Switched to HF and got a couple more in the log.

Back to 2m and caught some GW/MW & GW/NW stations including GW4BML and 10 S2S and a EI4 station.

Made another move to HF and caught 16 more and 3 more HF s2s stations.

A good day on the hills. Thanks all.
john m0vaz


Thanks for the s2s John.

73 Allan

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