GW/NW-049 - Activation 31/05/11

Sorry to anyone who was listening for me. I abandoned the activation because of time. The main reason for the trip to this area was to deliver my daughter and two other kids to a camp near Oswestry which meant the timing had to be later than I wanted and then there were a few complications.

I’m collecting kids on Friday morning and still hope to activate GW/NW-060 as per my alert.

I’m sure I will return to GW/NW-049 (hopefully with MW0YDH/P) before too long.
It would make a good finisher to Cadair Berwyn to sort out the women from the girls (or men from the boys)!


PS. Well done to 2E0YYY/P for enduring classic BH weather on G/SP-004 yesterday. Mike, I’m in the 90’s for chaser points but I didn’t have the heart to contact you after you said your log was saturated and you couldn’t write anything and your rig was in danger of succumbing to the elements!