Hi David

Great to catch you on band 40m.
came in lovely at first then QSB took over.

I think your question refereed to me avatar on here.

Answer is yes, handsome chap :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the Sota contact.

73s karl

My mother used to say, if you pull a face like that, it’ll set! Looks like it has… :wink:

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David? Yes. Karl was being polite. Why the question?
G(W)6DTN(/P) is David. As is M0DFA. And I activated GW/NW-034 today. Also managed an S2S with Mike (2E0YYY/P) on G/WB-004 on 10 metres, and we were chased by Bob, G6ODU also on 10.

Regards, Dave (or David - other names may be answered to) G6DTN and M0DFA

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So I knew who David was!

Quite easy really, look at thread title, GW/NW-034, look at today’s spots, GW6DTN/P = David, simples.

Some of us have jobs to do Steve, making USB doohickeys to go inside phones and tablets and things. To quote what someone once said on here “I don’t have time to spend hours analysing the spots”.

Have you done any 6m/10m stuff yet? The WX has been rubbish so I’ve not had a chance to play yet.

E Condx rubbish also yet…it hasn’t got going yet Andy. The odd spotty bit of ionisation and the rest of my 10m QSOs have been residual reflections so far when the band has been open to South America not proper sporadic E, but I think it should come appear soon enough in EU…certainly within the next two weeks if history repeats itself as it does most summers.

73 Phil

Big SNR’s on 6m, plus it has so far been good for summit to summits with the chance to work some occasional DX.
IMO its still worth putting something up even at this point. A rotary 1/4L dipole works well. Good fun.


I’ve made antennas for 10 & 6 but I’ve not had a chance to try them yet other than to check they look OK to the radio. Hopefully the WX will be OK this weekend and if the WX looks jolly for Monday, I’ll take the day off and play then as well.

or … with a face like that you’ll do well on Radio!

Have you noticed how many avatars are pictures of dogs?

OK, this is getting off topic, but couldn’t resist taking a jibe at my mate Karl!

73 Ed.

Perhaps I ought to change me name by de-pole to Herman.

Remember the days me mother used to say don’t do that if wind change your face will freeze like that for ever