GW/NW-034 Foel Cedig

WX was foul, wind, rain and bad visibility. Worse than forecast.

First we visited the new summit location. Last time I was up here the summit was over half a km SE on Cyrniau Nod, but the “summit meddlers” had a go at this one in 2018… they found the high point on Foel Cedig just over tops Cyrniau Nod, so the summit was moved. But… in an interesting twist… the SOTA activation zone contains both high points, so no new reference.

Had to use a less than optimal site to activate, just on the down slope below the track, which was approx 15m vertical down. The rain and cold wind meant the bothy bag came out straight away.

The site compromised the VHF take off.
I got 4 2m FM, then 15 60m SSB. Then I had to get out of the bag to open the links for 40m, which let in even more cold and wet.

It seemed to take an age to find a free frequency to operate… everything always seem to take longer when it’s cold and wet. Anyway, I then had a great run of contacts… but all the time Sue was getting colder and the rain heavier… the radio was also getting wet. In the end the pile up ran down just before Sue froze… after 30 40m ssb contacts I pulled the plug.

Nice to speak to so many regulars.

We just about made the car before dark.

Not the nicest activation but still good to be out.

Arriving at the new summit.

Summit selfie

Sue in the bothy bag

The route

Last 90m to the new summit is cross country off the track, no path detected.


Great to work you on 60m Gerald. You were stronger on 40m, but you had a great pile up, so I just sat listening.

When I activated the summit way back when, I did it from Foel Cedig as I was running a bit late. I had to laugh when it moved… seems I was right all along. :joy:

73, Gerald


Genius… should have picked the lottery numbers! :slight_smile:

Nice to speak to you today.

New law of SOTA… WX conditions are inversely proportionate to number of chasers. Hi hi!


No. I reckon it’s more of a bell curve. As wx tends to 0 (abysmal) there are either no chasers and you’re there calling for hours, or you are desperate for the pileup to end before the radio reaches (hydrological) saturation.

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Ha ha… I reckon you are right!

Hi Gerald ( and Sue ) ,

Nice to catch you this afternoon on 40, fb activation in spite of the poor wx !

Happy and healthy 2022 to both of you.

73 Coen, PA5KM