GW/NW-032 24/08/2019

Hi All, I managed to activate NW-032 yesterday a new unique for me and what a great day, I managed 6 S2S’s between 2M Fm and 20M ssb and CW. I made my route from the North. The start of the ascent was boggy in many places. I have uploaded my GPX to the Mapping project, I would use the descent route for both ascent and descent if I activate this summit again.

My Blog report is here if anyone is interested in viewing.

Paul 73’s


Very interesting Paul. It’s a significantly shorter hike. Is that road Ok, besides having to open lots of gates?

Yes it’s not too bad just narrow in places but saw 2 or 3 other cars using it. There was also 3 land rovers doing green laning, they were parked by my car as I got back after my descent. I had a 10 minute chat with them. The last part of the track is via a gate in a farm yard but I could not see anyone around to ask. So I just went on. The Lakers said the same.

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