GW/NW-013 & GW/NW-028 Short report

Thank to all for the QSO’s today. Nice day out if a little cold and breezy on the two summits.
Nice to work F6HBI/P, 2E0YYY/P, HA7UL/P, & GW3MPJ/P for S2S, thanks.
Best DX was WB3ANT & SOTA AM for W4 land N4EX. 10m alas was not really open, 20m CW produced most of the QSO’s on HF.

Many thanks to 2W0CYM, 2E0XYL, G6ODU & HA7UG for the spots, much appreciated.
Equipment: K2, 10 watts and 26’ vertical with two ground planes and 3Ah Li-Po battery. This set up is optimised for my KX1 where it works fine, it didn’t tune up quite so well on some of the HF bands though with the K2.

On my next outing with my K2 I’ll take my tried and tested 66’ doublet. Might even cut one at 44’ and try that next time.
2m handie and a home made J-pole was used for VHF. 58 QSO’s in all.
Roger MW0IDX