GW/NW-009 Cadair Idris

Hi everybody…Just a brief post to let you know that a report of my activation with Mal GW6OVD of Cadair Idris GW/NW-009 is up on the blog Thanks to all the chasers and activators for the contacts. 73 Allan GW4VPX
Pic shows Llyn Cau, Craig Cau-middle, Cadair Idris-right


Thanks Allan for the reports and beautiful photos. Bit of a worry about the walkers you encountered who did not know really where they were!

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Happens all the time. Not long ago we were heading for Carnedd Llewellyn, S ish along the main ridge near C Gwenllian (recently renamed) and met a pair of young men travelling N ish who declared themselves as heading for Carnedd Llewellyn and last year Viki met two ladies on Corn Du who insisted they were on P-y-Fan.
73 & thanks to Mike snd Alan for recent contacts.

Looks as if you had better weather than we did a day later.

Hi Rod

Thanks for the s2s from both of you on Thursday. Yes, the weather was nice but not on the summit :frowning: I’m glad I was able to help Viki with a 70cm contact yesterday but I was really trying to travel light on Thursday. Take care both and speak to you soon.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Like the lady on Ben Macdui who asked me if she was on Cairngorm! She was meant to be leading a party of walkers to Cairngorm the following week - hope they survived!

Barry GM4TOE

Or the party I met on the south ridge of Snowdon who thought they were on the Nantlle ridge - the other side of the road!
Barry M0IML

One of the funniest stories was of a car load of my friends on their way back from a rained-off climbing meet in North Wales, after a liquid lunch they decided to stop en route and do a quick ascent of a hill. They hadn’t got a map but that was OK as the hill was familiar to them, so they set off into the clag. When they got to the top they couldn’t recognise it, so they decided to descend - but then they couldn’t find the car! Not only had they ascended the wrong hill, they had descended into the wrong valley! It took a couple of hours to walk back to the car. Needless to say, we never allowed them to forget that little episode!


How on earth could they have got that wrong :fearful:

They were so far out of their comfort zone and by now totally lost in the mist, that (being a member of the mountain rescue team) I felt that it was my duty to lead them off down to Rhyd ddu and then point out the Nantlle ridge to them.

A pre-emptive rescue - I love it! I wonder if they would have been any better off on the Nantlle Ridge? It is a bit rugged and narrow in places, and if you get to the far end you either walk back along it or descend to the road and walk back, and if you descend in the wrong place you find the unfriendliest farmers in all of Wales waiting for you - I remember years ago a friend and his party dropped off the ridge to avoid an approaching storm and got escorted off the farmers land at the point of a shotgun!


Map upside down :wink:


What map? …

I will always remember that group that we met on the way from St Sunday Crag to Fairfield. Good job they ran into us. As they say in the army… “About turn!” :slight_smile:

On a crystal clear day about 15 years ago I met a chap on the summit of Carn Mor Dearg. “What a lovely summit” he said. “Yes indeed” I replied. “I’ve never been up Aonach Mor before” he said. I looked at him for a moment, slightly puzzled and wondering if he was joking.

I said “Well this is Carn Mor Dearg is that what you mean?”. “Don’t be silly” he said, “that’s Carn Mor Dearg”, while pointing at the adjoining North face of Ben Nevis.

It took me a little while to convince him of his error with a lot of use of my map… got there in the end.

Sometimes it amazes me there aren’t more people who get completely lost and stuck in the hills.