GW/NW-008 Y Lliwedd AZ

In Paul’s post here: Nw-008 he mentions the drop between the east and west peaks may be more than 25m but there didn’t seem to be a conclusive result.

Did this ever get resolved? Is the East Peak in the AZ?

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The mapping is inconclusive but it looks borderline, the question could probably only be resolved by using surveying equipment. I’d say best play it safe and stick to the west summit.

Hi Pete,
I am not able to answer your question but will share my experience in case it helps.

When I visited I assumed that the East Peak was outside of the activation zone so I set-up at the top of the West Peak. It felt anti-social and potentially unsafe to start rigging guys across the path and it was far too windy to use my pole without guying. In the end I laid an EFHW on the rock along the ridgeline. I have no idea what my VSWR was but I qualified the summit and the radio still works. When I revisit Y Lliwedd I will take my Pocket Transmatch, but I think that it will be connected to a wire on the ground again.

73 Kevin, MW0KXN


West Peak shows a spot height at 898m and the east at 893m
Contour line touches the ridge between them at 880m, but as G8ADD says it’s far to close to call.

The 1:10k mapping encloses both peaks with a contour at 870m and not at 875m, suggesting it’s between 23 and 28m. The Terrain 5 DTM goes a smidge below 874m at the col. Unfortunately the LIDAR doesn’t quite make it to the ridge and I wouldn’t bet on Terrain 5 for this. Like Brian says, it’s too close to call. It would need survey-grade equipment to be sure either way. Is there any reason to pick the east peak anyway? Another candidate for a Zepp hanging over the cliff?

I was planning to come up from the east, so it would save a few metres of walking and climbing for someone who doesn’t like any kind of exposure :wink:

But I was also asking about the drop out of curiosity as it seems to be borderline and unresolved.

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Hi Pete,

On three traverses from col to West Peak and vice versa my GPS (Garmin GPSMap 62S) showed the difference in elevation was 25m so inconclusive :frowning:

FWIW I had a play with the OSMaps route planning tool and the smallest difference in elevation I could get was 26m.

No idea how accurate either is…

None of this is conclusive, but I suspect on balance the col is probably marginally too low for the East Peak to be within the AZ. As commented by Brian and Simon above, the only way of getting a definitive answer is to lug surveying equipment up there and measuring it :frowning:

73 Paul G4MD

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Coming up from the West it didn’t make any difference to me as I was not going a step further than necessary - nor voluntarily open my eyes until something vaguely flat was close enough to step onto. The photograph I took between my feet of the car in the car park was not reassuring! We didn’t use pegs to erect any mast so think it was qualified on 2m and 70cm fm just using a stick aerial. Once I was sitting down I didn’t want to move (even back down!)
Good luck, take it gently and don’t look down.
73 Viki M6BWA


Some of us shudder at the exposure, others are thrilled by it. I must confess that I love it! That summit provides a safe walkway that is never less wide than a typical city pavement but below the north side of it is a 300m climbing crag, so some care is necessary - particularly on a fine weekend in summer when it can get very busy!

A passing climber might tug on it to see what is on the other end! :grinning:

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And then the activator might tug back to see what he has caught! :grinning:

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This is why we carry fishing poles up mountains.