Hi Chaps and ladies

NW-005 is a need to do for me hopfuly this year soon. I have been looking at it from all angles on googel earth and so on. I was wondering if the road to the power station near the summit is a viable option and is it open to the public to drive up? if so it looks like a short but steep climb to the top.

Any info apresiated

cheers Dave.

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The road is not open to the public.



In reply to G0AOD: I last activated this summit on 12 August 2005. At that time the road was gated at SH594631(5). There is room for a couple of cars just before the road junction, and there are a couple of alternatives to reach the summit:

  1. Walk up the track to a gate just below the Marchlyn Bach Reservoir (SH607627). Cross the gate and strike right, following the line of the fence until you get onto the end of the ridge down from Elidir Fach. There was no path, but it is reasonably easy (My XYL did it without too much complaint) to follow the ridge to near the summit of Elidir Fach from where you can cut across the coll to pick up a path up the flank of Bwlch Melynwyn to NW-005.

  2. Follow the track up to a junction near the main reservoir (Marchlyn Mawr) (SH616625), and fork right to the end of the path at SH620614. Pick your way down to, and across the stream, and head south along and up the flank of Elidir Fawr to meet the path between the 'Fawr and the @Fach. My wife and I descended this way last time, so its not too bad.

Enjoy the activation,


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Last time I climbed Elider I went up the easy angled track from Nant Peris through Cwm Dudodyn and thence up mostly grass to Bwlch y Marchlyn and back west to the summit. Unless the ascents from the north have been greatly improved this seems to me to be the easiest way. The return could be made more interesting by reversing the ridge, circling round the head of Cwm Dudodyn and taking in Foel Goch before dropping down to the easy track down Cwm Gafr back to Nant Peris and the welcome of the Vanyl Arms!


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Dave,

I’ve always approached Elidir Fawr from Nant Peris. Crossing the stream/river at approx SH608595 following the path up to Bwlch y Marchlyn then carrying onto the summit.

The few times I have been up to this summit I have continued onto Y Garn NW-004, Glyder Fawr NW-003 finishing at Tryfan NW-006 before dropping down the Ogwen Valley. Of course two cars are required for this route (first time joined by MW0YLS) and plenty of daylight!

I do not recommend the valley route from Nant Peris (Afon Dudodyn) which I took on my first ascent of Elidir Fawr. Far too boggy.

Hope you have a clear day for your trip, the views are fantastic!

Roger MW0IDX

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I think we’re talking about the same route, Roger, the minor road from the school in Nant Peris to Fron continuing as a wide track then becoming a narrow footpath crossing the stream and continuing on the northwest side of it before turning up to the Bwlch. Your continuation to Tryfan is a true mountaineers route!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to all:
thanks chaps all noted.

73 dave