GW/MW-007 & 008 Joint activation with GW4VPX Allan

Hi All my first joint activation of a summit and it was with GW4VPX Allan thank you for a great day. The wind was not very nice but we managed to qualify both summits in the end. These are two more unique’s for me and both are long walks from the nearest car parking location.
Allan suggested we do it linear as we had two cars and this probably saved us a good mile of walking.

73’s Paul


Hi Paul

Thanks for the company yesterday. I think the next time we’ll choose a better day :smiley:

Report is up on my blog along with other 2019 activations.

I was glad of that coffee :smiley:

73 Allan GW4VPX


Tried for you Allan, but 60m long like you said - zilch. Just about heard a whisper way way down in the noise on 80m. Nice idea making a linear route out of those two.

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Well if you talk about him like that, he wont do any more with you! :wink:


Hi Simon

I thought you did that way? I know Gerald MW0WML did it but included GW/MW-001 as well with Sue dropping him off and picking him up later at the same spot as we parked our second car.

Thanks for trying yesterday

I was on my own, so GW/MW-001, GW/MW-007, GW/MW-008 and back to the start. One of my favourite SOTA days.

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Great reports Allan and Paul, me and my dad Tom M1EYP still have 4 SOTA summits in GW/NW which we plan to do on the first week of June and then loads of GW/MW summits after to this to complete the GW association. I have been looking at the maps of the GW/MW SOTA summits we have left to do and these look the most difficult of SOTA summits in the GW/MW region we have left to do as they look steep, boggy and remote, but somehow we will do them at some-point.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Cheers lads!

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Hi jimmy yes very boggy and very remote. Try pick a day with no wind lol



Thanks Paul, when we do end up doing them we will try and pick a day that isn’t windy.

Jimmy M0HGY