GW/MW-002 by GW4VPX

Hi everyone…report of my activation yesterday of Great Rhos GW/MW-002 is up on my blog… Thanks to all the chasers yesterday…difficult band conditions. 73 Allan GW4VPX

Pile-up on 60m

The military are watching us on Great Rhos :smile:


Thanks for the contacts, Allan, one of these days I will manage an HF tribander with you! 40m was the let down this time.

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I always thinks it is a hobbit-house!

73 Viki M6BWA

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Ok Allan, lets say WS001 Ben Nevis, LD001 Scafell Pike and NW001 Snowdon, do these three in 24hrs on Sunday and MW36 or 34 on Monday when you wake up. That should do it. 1000 points easy. Ok I will drive no excuses :laughing:

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