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Gun G/SP-013 Info

The reason for this post is because G/SP-013 is SOTAs fourth most popular summit.

There was a grouse shoot up there today and the gun party very kindly informed me about their plans. The guy that spoke to me was actually a licensed ham.

Dunno how long they plan to be around.

Secondly, the track from Meerbrook is an absolute mud plug in places and even worse than last year. No river running down the path, but a mud plug nevertheless. If you have plans to activate this summit, don’t even think about wearing trainers.

73 Mike

In reply to 2E0YYY:

don’t even think about wearing trainers.

3.7.4 Competence to undertake expedition
Activators must be competent to undertake their proposed Expedition and must carry suitable equipment, taking account of the terrain, weather conditions, etc.

Anyone not wearing suitable footwear is an idiot.