Guest on our hike for 28/01/2011 w1/hh-002

Hi folks,

A science journalism student will be joining Dave, W2VV and me on our activation of W1/HH-002 on Saturday and she will be making a video report on ham radio, so be sure to have a look through the bands as we would love to work a bunch of chasers from the summit.

73 to all,
Tom, N2YTF

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Hi, Tom.

Any chance you could add 40m CW capability?

Would love to make a summit-to-summit QSO with you. We are snowshoe’ing to the summit of Le Montagne Diable (The Devils Mountain) in the Laurentian mountain range in Southern Quebec.

I have posted more information about our activation here on my blog:

We will not be able to have an S2S on 20m I don’t think - too close. And we can’t do 160m (did you mean to have 1.8-cw in your alert?). Anyway if you can add 40-cw or 30-cw we have a good chance. If not, then I will at least try you on 20m :slight_smile:

Either way, good luck guys!!


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Will scan bands and spot you guys if I copy. GL and take care.