GU "Hillclimbing"

Good evening, everyone.

After 10 months of almost weekly outings, things have quietened down recently on the SOTA front as the other form of Hillclimbing takes over for a while. We’re down in Guernsey for the British Championship round so I’m taking the opportunity to visit Herm Island again – this year with permission to play radio.

Yes, I know there aren’t any real summits down here, but I should be on Le Grand Monceau (all 130ft of it) tomorrow morning at around 1130 to 1200 local. That’s WV38 for anyone into WAB. Starting on 60m, I would like to go for 2m as well. I could hear the Kent beacon last time from this site on the FT817’s rubber duck antenna.

After that, I’ll probably move on to either WV47or WV 48 depending on where I can find a suitable site. This one is likely to be just 60m (or 60 and 40m possibly).

Operating time will be limited due to family constraints and ferry timings. Please bear with me.

73, Richard G(U)4ERP