GSE-003 Blackdown power problem

Just a quick apology for any chasers that I missed today whilst up at Blackdown, I has a power problem again that I thought in the past when it happened had been due to poor batteries. They were newly charged last night and should have survived more than 10 minutes using 5 watts on ssb! I did have a small SLAB with me ,but could I find the connecting lead? Needless to say when I’d packed up and everything was put away ready for return to the car, I found the lead (a true Victor Meldrew moment) Trudge back down to the car tail firmly between legs . Thanks to those who I did manage to contact and apologies to those missed. I’ll make sure next time I’m better prepared! 73’s Dave G8XDD

I imagine most of us have a similar tale to tell Dave! I should have read your post earlier - Black Down was one I was struggling with in the “Name the Marilyns” quiz. Trudge back DOWN to the car? ISTR it’s all pretty level on there. It must be a large activation zone anyway.


In reply to M1EYP:
Hi Tom, yes its level but full of sludge with the now mainly defrosted snow and the distance is only about 3/4 mile BUT I am a southern softie!
Dave G8XDD