Grid DM02 & SOTA

Good Morning,
I have setup a fundraiser to acquire an amplifier to be used by the San Clemente Island Radio Club. At the same time I got with Justin at Innova and donated a 6.8m yagi for six meters and it is currently being delivered to the club. All the details are on the Go Fund Me page to read.
I am trying to put Grid DM02 at the bottom of the most needed list instead of at the top, and Austin Smith, W4PBL, is our only avenue to do that. He is in the Navy, and currently the only person with access to the island.
Please read the Go Fund Me description and I have my fingers crossed that the FFMA and SOTA group can put DM02 and SOTA in your log this coming E’s season. Something I am looking forward to. Here is the link.

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73 de Al, K8SIX

I may be confusing several different operations and this wont be an issue but how are you going to power an amplifier that needs 120V and stay within SOTA rules?

Hi Andy, I have changed the description and also deleted the SOTA number from the heading. I was totally unaware that generators are not allowed and when you brought it to my attention read page 14 item 6 of the rules and immediately changed the description. If possible go read it now and see if it works.
Basically he can operate grids using the amp, disconnect the amp or commercial power and operate SOTA then using battery or solar? I think the description now will suffice? Thanks for bringing to my attention as I do not yet chase SOTA.

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Al, I wasn’t too sure what the plans were going to be and I didn’t want you to make all sorts of plans and financial commitments for something that would not be within the SOTA rules.

I think in general your plan makes sense… You desperately want the square as do others, you can’t go there, others can’t go so fund up a club that is allowed to operate and then you can work them for the square.

It means for the SOTA activation they’ll be limited to more QRP setups. Well you can run 100W from modern batteries now but more moderate powers will give longer endurance. That should not be a big issue as we are well on the upside of the solar cycle. The other day David N6AN achieved WAC from one activation on 10m CW @ 5W. 68th Birthday Activation on W6/CT-269. WAC!

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Andy I appreciate the heads up. I have a buddy that does POTA and he has a IC-705 I really like. I assume POTA is a QRP based program as well. I know that is all he does and has a blast with it. I am going to start working SOTA’s just for something to do. HI HI
Thanks again and 73

Of course some of them play the QRP game, but POTA doesn’t have the fossil-fuel-related restrictions that SOTA has. POTA activators may use vehicle power or generators, and typically run higher power than SOTA activators.

There’s always the Heathkit KW Kompact with DC supply. SSB only. Huge battery required. Been there, done that. Back pain still there.

Elliott, K6EL
572B boy