Greetings from S. E. Virginia

Hello all. I’m Neil, WA4CHQ from Virginia. First licensed in 1972, 99% CW and QRP since the mid-90’s. I have several scratch-built rigs and also the HB1B, FT-817nd and the FT-857d. I use simple wire antennas and also enjoy my DIY Magnetic Loops. 72

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G Day Neil nice to see you on the reflector.
I like those HB-1B rigs and the 817 too. Will you be activating any SOTA summits or just chasing from home. I enjoy both Chasing and Activating which ever is possible at the time. I am a fan of the 52 foot end fed wire or link dipole as antennas.
vk5cz Ian …

Hello Ian…tnx for the greetings. I am new to SOTA even though I sort of looked at it a couple of years ago. I will have to read more about Activating to see what qualifies. It is very flat in my neck of the woods with the nearest mountains about 3 hours away. I enjoy backpacking but prefer the fall and winter over the summer. So maybe for now I will be Chasing. Anyway, I will be looking into the guidelines.

72 Neil wa4chq

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