Greetings from Alaska

Since working K6TW at W6/CT-126 I’ve been reading through the forum posts
and studying your www site. Very impressive program !

Has there ever been any summit activations from Alaska ?

Whats required to set up the designators for specific summits ?

Cheers to all !

AL7JK, John
Eagle River, Alaska

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Hi John,

I don’t think the Alaska Association has been set up yet.

However, if your looking for the job as Association Manager, I’m sure G0HRT Rob Harwood would be delighted to hear from you.

Summits on the Air use the drop down box.

AIUI, there are so many mountains in Alaska, many of them have not even been named, just numbered.

73 Mike

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Thanks for the compliment, John.

There have been no activations from Alaska as there is no Alaskan Association as yet. If a volunteer comes forward to start an Association then a lot of help would be forthcoming, both from the Management team (contacted via the website Summits on the Air) and, I’m sure, from the North American Group (Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos) and an Alaskan Association would be very welcome!


Brian G8ADD

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Welcome, excellent, go for it :sunglasses:

Mike G6TUH

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I just joined the nasota yahoo group. Reading their discussions, faq’s
doc’s, etc …

In reply to AL7J
Welcome to SOTA John,be great to hear from Alaska.
73 Don.G0RQL.

In reply to AL7JK:
Thanks for your enquiry John, AL7JK. If you would like to consider setting-up a new association for Alaska, please contact me directly
and I will go through the requirements. We have had a number of interested parties previously, some from Alaska which we prefer and others from outwith Alaska, but none has committed to the Association Manager role as yet. In addition, several experienced AMs from other US states/call areas have offered assitance as they are keen to see Alaska join SOTA. We can provide a full back-up to you in setting-up a new association. If you are interested please make the call to see what is required and we would be pleased to welcome you to a SOTA AM role. Best 73 HNY Rob Harwood G0HRT Associations Manager for SOTA MT

A quick look at NASOTA suggests there are at least 10,000 peaks in Alaska, just how many are Marilyns is anyones guess. Some would only be accessible by plane or river and many are so remote they will probably never be activated.

Working Alaska from the radio shack is no mean feat, so it would be quite a challenge to get a S2S with that lot :wink:

73 Mike