Greatmoor Hill and Cauldcleuch Head on Wednesday

A report of the 7th activation of Greatmoor Hill and the 5th activation of Cauldcleuch Head last Wednesday can be found on my blog

73 Phil G4OBK


Thanks for the report Phil and the two summits.
Bertie the greyhound sends his best wishes to Treacle but he made the comment that the overcoat needs to be bigger for SOTA :wink:

Hi Phil,

A great pair of hills but quite hard work! Hope you enjoyed them as much as Gerald and I did.

We went straight up the track past Braidliehope (intriguing ruin) then over Queen’s Mire (which wasn’t as bad as it sounds) to the col at Swire Knowe, then up to Cauldcleuch Head retracing our steps back to the col then up to Greatmoor and down by the reverse of your route.

73 de Paul G4MD

I enjoyed the pair of them in retrospect. At the time I thought Cauldcleuch Head was a bogtrot with no redeeming features at all. However, the WX improved and the descent down to Windy Swire was OK if a bit wet and the walk up to Greatmoor Hill quite nice. It was cold but sunny with frequent snow showers. The route out went through the woods. I did it this way so there was no re-ascent and better and more parking. It saved having to drive round when coming from the North.

I’m in no rush to do them again but when I emerged from the perilous and entertaining forest section I was pleased to have done them this way.