Great presentation on propagation and the effect of space weather on it

This weeks “Ham Nation” Video Podcast has section in it from Dr. Tamitha Skov who gives the spaceweather reports each week and runs

She explains the Ionessphere layers and which bands use each, what the differences are between day and night, the Gray Line and even explains what information DOESN’T help (for example Ap).

I recommend EVERYONE take the time to watch this presentation which starts at about half way though this weeks show - which as well as being available on iTunes etc. can also be obtained at

73 Ed.

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G Day Ed thanks for that link and yes i concur a very interesting talk on how the old ionosphere works or doesn’t always work in our favour.
Regards Ian
CZ ee

Yes I think that’s one of the points she makes, things are variable and while some values can be used as a guide they are not always correct.

73 Ed.

Thanks for that Ed

Fascinating is first word that comes to mind.

And also like you said only a forecast or what may happen as to many people see this stuff to predict whats going to happen. One thing I have learnt ignore that unless its say hello SID is in the house. Turn on, tune in and listen. If i took these guides for gospel i would not have got as far as i have in Sota, let alone found rare conditions that just open as recently been hearing indonesia on 40m and 20m and even tried reaching a japanese station late in morning yesterday in Contest on 20m. Like said tried LOL. just can’t beat turning on see what is happening LIVE on the radio.

But she does explain it well, not so technical and certainly taught me a few things and may be explains some of the poor propagation we have had of late during this past week or well poor propagation yet still clocking those sota’s.

Even hear the Inter G guys oh the so and so is only 5mhz no good going on 40m, Well i find that wonderful as i can then get deeper into Europe, Scotland and Ireland as well top half of spain and portugal again chasing those low powered Sota’s.

Bu end of day nicely explained.


Get through the license stages Karl and you could work many more “Inter G” contacts with SOTA stations. As I am sure many will agree, 60m is a great band at the moment.

Have you got anything up for 80 ?

60m is keeping me afloat at the moment. Thanks for the big three on there yesterday,Jonathan!

Eight of my last ten chases were on 60!


6 out of the last 7 for me, then John as GS4OOO/P on 40m spoilt the run today!

This is now off topic (this is no longer “in the media”) - can I suggest you open a separate thread to discuss 60m in the “on the bands” section please.

73 Ed.

The lack of 60m when I’m off in Central Europe next month is concerning me. I haven’t yet decided about taking a 40m dipole rather than the 30/20/17 antenna. I’m hoping the Autumnal enhancement will be good by mid-October.

You should find 40m works well in this instance Andy. It was good back into the UK from the South of France earlier in August.

Yes, but the 30/20/17 antenna is very compact when packed away and quick to deploy. Also a lot of central European summits are densely forested. We’ll see.

I’m pleased with my copy of it.

Why not modify it to cover 40? Add another section to the coil and perhaps a coil in the radial to keep it compact?