Great Orme

Over the weekend of the Llandudno Radio Rally the Eddystone User Group call signs G3EUG and G7EUG will be aired from atop the Great Orme at Llandudno.

Using the Special Event Club Prefix of ‘GC’ will provide the rare call signs of GC3EUG on 80m and GC7EUG on 40m.

Operation will be on Friday October 31st and Sunday November 2nd from about 0900H with AM on 3605 kHz for an hour followed by LSB on about 3710 kHz, both days. [Southgate ARC]

In reply to ON3WAB:

Hi Peter

The activity that you mention is unlikely to count for SOTA but I feel sure that Great Orme NW-070 will be activated by someone attending the rally over the weekend.



Thanks for clarifing that Richard.

When they wrote “from atop” they meant the summit.