Got arrived London

Just say hello for UK SOTA lovers!



Greetings and welcome to our fair lands.

Got any sota’s planned for activation going to be interesting to hear a British Sota with a Japanese call in it. Last one i did had a American and Australia call in it.


Welcome Kawauchi san…

Hi Karl

Alas Japan is not a signatory to CEPT T/R 61-01 so therefore you would never hear a Japanese visitor signing Mx/JAxxxx from a UK summit.

I believe that they would need to obtain a UK call though examination or possibly applying under a a reciprocal agreement using HAREC although I am unaware of the current conditions for this… I am sure someone else here will know.

73 Marc G0AZS

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True but if gent is fully licence he can, like we can going to Japan and I can’t as not fully licence .

So what countrys are CEPT T/R 61-01 ?


Walt (G3NYY)

All info related to CEPT TR 61-01 at or

Japan is out of this agreement.

73 de Pedro

Around 15 years ago, while I lived in London, I tried to get endorsed licence but not succeeded. But now still JA is not a member of CEPT, 1st class licensee might be able to get M/callsign in UK. Not tried at this time. I finished my work today and fly to Doha, tomorrow morning. Hope to work SOTA and see you next time.

Cheers mate.




You should get a W-land callsign so you can operate in CEPT countries.
It’s easy to pass exams with VEC in JA-land.

Mela N6/JI1KBF