Google map marker

Has anyone found a way of getting rid of this annoying A-marker on Google Maps? When I select Google Maps in order to look at the details of any GM-summit, the initial map / picture being displayed is close to the A-marker at what Google believes is the centre of Scotland; even for summits which are at the other end of the country.
I seem to remember it mentioned some time ago, but I cannot find any details searching the reflector. Any clues anyone?
73 de Ken

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Centre map South of the border then scroll up.

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Yes, I think I can see what you mean, but that equates to a lot of scrolling around and downloading of a significant amount of redundent / superfluous data. Not a problem if one is on broadband, but can be a significant factor if out&about in the country with no landline connection available.
Is there not a way of making Google Maps zoom in direct to the coordinates of the summit. This happens when you select Google Earth. So why not in Google Maps?
73 de Ken